Don Mathews is a quiter!!!!!!!!!!

When the going gets tough Don Mathews gets going!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If Montreal was a better team this year would Don Mathews would have stepped down??????????

At the risk of being slapped by the mods (as tittilating as that may be), I have to say that YOU ARE AN IDIOT!!!

I second that, my thoughts exactly. TODDKING, YOU ARE AN IDIOT!!!

Idiot to the power of ten and probably one of the most ignorant comments this sites ever seen.

Im a mod and I agree

and sigpig is very excited over the thought of you slapping him, for some reason :twisted:

damn the idiot who took away the quote boxes.

Would he rather I slapped him?

I agree with the "idiot" comments.....

good to see we have a bunch of closed minded losers on this site.

Don left for a lucrative job writing CFL for the Metro. :oops:

Todd, maybe you should restrain your criticism until you know all the facts. Remember, don't criticize someone until you walk a mile in their shoes. What if every move you made in your professional and private life was made public? How would you react to all the pre-mature/unwarranted criticisms?

Plus, giving someone the benefit of the doubt is exactly what an "open mind" is all about.

It was quoted in the papers not long ago, that Don Mathews looked 'sleepy' during the games they lost. Sounds to me like a real Health issue here.

I dis-agree - I believe he stepped down for legitimate Health reasons.
And yes - ToddKing - you are an idiot, to boot.

Now, all u Ticat fans - let's stop speculating that Mathews will be our next Head Coach.
He is done with Coaching - period...

The Eagle - :cowboy: :cowboy: :cowboy:

Don Matthews a quitter? You can't seriously mean that? He gets sick and feels he can't give his usual 100% to his job and leaves---this makes him a quitter? I mean if he had a history of tossing in the towel when the going got tough, then perhaps some might label him a quitter but I think you're being extremely unfair to the man.

An Argo fan

Before this post comes to an end, let me say that Don Matthews is no quitter. Don't know what is wrong with him... hope it is something he can recover from soon. The Don has been one of the colourful characters in the CFL over the last 25 y - love him or hate him, but make one thing certain...he's no quitter !!!!
Get well Don...Didn't like you as a coach because the Als have had our number, but I'm sure that the TiCat Nation wishes you a speedy recovery.
Good luck

Let me add my voice to the sentiments already expressed by many here.

Don Matthews is a legend in the CFL, the winningest coach in the history of the league, over a period of decades.

To call him a quitter is just ridiculous.

Closed-minded? Hah! Failure to recognize Don's obvious and outstanding contributions to football in Canada for so many years demonstrates a closed mind, as well as mean spiritedness toward a person who is suffering ill health.

Don, take care of yourself and get well soon.

Why is it that we’re not allowed to vote members off of this site?

Well Said! :thup: :thup:

Now let’s not bash this ToddKing guy too much and let him perhaps re-think what he said! :wink:

Don certainly appeared tired looking through most of this year. Burned out maybe? It does happen to the best!

Don did not quit, he was fired.

I wouldn't call Don a quitter, maybe a lot of other things. Should be interesting to see this story unfold....

He's suffering from the same ailments as when he was in Edmonton. Tired..anemic. For the life of me I can't remember the disease, but it certainly wasn't and isn't a case of being a "quitter".