Don' like what we have at CB and Half

We made no Major Changes at CB or Half
If Fact we lost are best player To Calgary
how is this better
Last year on Defence this was our biggest Problem.
We can't stop the Pass.
It not been addressed
IMO it's got worse..

Montreal was able to pass on us at will last year
so right now I think they'll be able to do it again..

Why has this not been addressed this yet
I am Worried...
I hope Obie fixes this quick

We still have plenty of time, unfortunately now until the draft is a LOT of nothing time.Could be weeks before we see another transaction, and that's what makes the CFL off-season crazy boring.

Remember, teams were able to pass against us all day because of Marshall's bend/don't break D. Chaimblain's D will be more agressive. That will help our D-backs cover better. We will be fine.

That's a good point, I'm also expecting Dylan Barker to emerge as one of the best safeties in the league this year, which should help the cause.

He a Rookie DC
He going to make Mistakes ...

But I guess we'll see won't we

Im not quite sure how you can say we haven't made any changes in the defensive secondary, I don't think this is a nothing signing.... ... el-francis I think Daniel francis will be an improvement over Tisdale. Tisdale came up with the big picks which made him look better then he was. Don't get me wrong, I was hoping he would be back this year, but I think the interceptions masked how many times he got burned on deep routes.

Also, I know its not a new signing, but having Kyries Hebert here for a full training camp/season combined with a new aggressive defensive philosophy (which in my mind suits his talents way better then our previous scheme) I think will bring a new dimension to the D.

Keep in mind, "making changes" to the team now looks a lot different then making changes did in previous years. We are at a point where holes and problem areas can be fixed with tinkering, not whole sale drastic changes that were required in previous years and more noticeable and news worthy.

That being said, you are correct Onknight in saying the secondary is definitely a question mark, lets just hope the tinkering in our secondary and a new more aggressive scheme will be what the doctor ordered.

Don't agree with you
francis is not upgrade at all he a step back ..
Kyries Hebert has not wheels he use too

lol....and there you go Onkight, your getting another DB....I can't see him being anyone spectacular because the deal already looks lopsided in our favor...seems like we didn't give up much in return for what could be a whole lot (we will have to see what happens with the neg lister.) Who knows though, weirder things have happened....maybe tillman is making up for raiding our roster in free agency and trades when he was with sask! lol

We will have to see with francis....too hard to tell right now....different players and a different scheme. I think Tisdale got burnt, maybe not as much as shivers but not as far back as it may seem, and the picks masked that. He took a lot of risks getting the picks that he did and a lot of times he was caught out of position. I wouldn't be surprised if our secondary shuts down a lot more offenses then last year. Call me crazy but I think shivers will benefit from Chamblins scheme, either that or he wont be around long. Hebert might not have the wheels he once had, but not as much is asked out of him either. Hes more a situational nickle and dime defensive player now then he used to be, but you watch....I bet you he makes more of an impact this year under Chamblin.

The DB we Traded for has played both offence and Defence CB and WR
Has has good Wheels and to play both sides you have to be Athletic

we have to agree to disagree about Tisdale.

All those changes in the defensive back field each year is not good even if you manage to get talent back there. It takes time to develop a defensive backfield and if you keep changing it makes it very hard to happen.

Come on.. camp is over 2 months away still. I would think anyone who knows football knows not to judge any aspect of a team by it's off season roster. Especially when camp is still 9-10 weeks away.

I assume there are several more try-out camps scheduled down south. Massive overhauls of the Secondary usually don't produce immediate results. Let's see how training camp develops before wasting time criticizing any particular aspect of the team.

A new DC can make a big difference.

(BTW, it’s Chamblin)

Agree but there Always a huge Learning Curve

Sure there is a learning curve, but the brightest in any profession learn continually so their's is more of an upwards line. We don't know where the new coordinators are on either a curve or line so let's give them a chance first and Obie and Marcel the benefit of the doubt for hiring them. If they are young and bright then it's in our best interests to hire them rather than take the easy road of hiring established league guys while the emerging talent goes to other teams.

If the NFL somehow gets everything figured out and begins everything on time (which I doubt), Brandon Browner would become fair game to any CFL team if things don't work out for him in the NFL. Problem is you likely have to wait until after labour day and probably make him the highest paid Corner in the league. But it's always fun to speculate, right? :wink:

Right now we have Bradley, Bo Smith, and Hinds at corner.Last year we drafted Chris Rwabukamba, a starting cornerback from Duke who should be at camp this year. I'll miss Tisdale because he was our best cover guy but I like our corners, especially Hinds. Shivers and Dennis were new last year at halfback. They are both hitters but Shivers seemed to be the one that other teams picked on regularly. Perhaps Hebert becomes one of the halves. Obviously the new guys coming to camp this year will be given a chance but I like our DBs and Barker at safety is only going to get better.

Our defence and special teams won games for us last year. Let's build on that and hope the OFFENCE can catch up. :smiley:

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

:thup: Nice Point Pat as Always.. I hope your right

im not especially worried about our d-backs, but its is clearly our weakest area on the team

Hinds i think will be a cornerstone cornerback for years to come, and his citizenship helps as well
i dont know if Bo Smith will be the same after his injury, but if he does come back, he is a very solid corner
Bradley is injury prone and is somtimes an unreliable tackler

so what im getting at is we need another corner if Bo Smith cannot come back, or play the same, Hebert can play almost any position in the d-backfield, but most likly id like to see him at halfback, i think he might be to slow for the cornerback position

i think we should go with, Hinds, Smith, Dennis, Hebert and Barker

as for depth, i love Beswick and truely think we should give him a good look for a starting position, and if not the guy is a beast on special teams, also love Dennis, solid tackler

i dont think we will be that bad off in the secondary this year, lets hope the new defensive scheme helps our guys out instead of giving 10 yards off the ball :?

A rumour in SSK has Hebert going there in a trade.