Don Jackson looked great

I have been calling for the Ticats to give Don Jackson a shot to give them a running game all year.

He was head and shoulders above any rb they have used this year.

Ratio wise, i hope they can find a way to start him the rest of the way.hi

The could dress 5 import receivers including Addison and keep rotating one of them out while starting Ungerer.

Dumb move by kam Kelly leaving us without a good Sam lb for 1 to 3 games depending on his suspension for spitting and every game is a must win pretty much now if we want a chance at first place.


Addison being on 6 game and hamstring injuries can take a while to heal if they are bad doubt he will be back anytime soon. i think Kam Kelly being ejected from game is enough displicine since that is going by the game rule penalties rules .


Jackson was excellent, a real shame he couldn’t at least split some reps through the year. Elks were playing a couple of undersized guys at defensive tackle, so that may have padded the rushing stats a bit. Even so, we were down our starting centre and he still ran pretty hard. STE also had a few nice runs when he came in.

Cats need to keep committing to the run game, oline is better when they can fire off and be aggressive.


In my eyes Don Jackson is a top notch starter and STE is not but a good part time player like Lafrance in saSk or oliveira in wpg. Don Jackson Allowed Masoli to relax more and throw down field. With STE starting you wont . I think Jackson maids the online look better