Don Hiney

Hi, looking for Hoth, who posted about my father Don Hiney. I had no idea about the injury, he pretty much hid in St.Paul, MN. We didn’t know he played for the Bombers until I found news articles hidden in the attic at 12. Still trying to piece together his life so sad. He was great.

I knew someone would find something worthwhile in that box of old Blue Bombers newspaper clippings.

Why then did you not reply to Hoth in that same thread where he posted about your father? Either that or you could have sent Hoth a PM.


Of course, maybe somebody simply told her that they thought they saw the posting and all they remembered was the name of the poster. Most people don’t know how to find posts by individuals on here… or don’t have the patience. :wink:

Yes. And that absolutely exasperates me.

Case in point a lot of my stuff turns up in Google searches. Some fellow was writing a book and he wanted to include a picture of an item from my collection. So he joined the forum in which I’d posted the item. All well and good.

But then, as opposed to sending me a PM or even asking me in the thread where I’d posted the picture, he went back five years to the first post I’d ever made in the forum on a completely different topic and asked me about the item! I asked him what he was thinking.

Another fellow contacted me by means of PM on two different forums about scans of a magazine from my collection, but he had no interest whatsoever in ever logging in again to view my response! (It was perhaps beneath his dignity to associate with people on forums.) He wanted me to respond to his email address. My terse response was that since he had found me on the forum, he could converse with me on the forum.

Yes, yes, some people aren’t comfortable with forums. But they all use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or some similar mass market crap.