Don Cherry to replace Rod Black!!!!

:cowboy: C.P. ... It is official, Don Cherry has left Hockey Night in Canada to join the CFL broadcasts on TSN next season as colour analyst and / or play-by-play man. Cherry commented, " I don't know alot about football but after listening to Rod Black for a few years this does not seem to be a problem for the network!" Cherry promises to have his tailor create new suits that reflect the colours of the CFL teams and logos so there will be some interesting scenery at CFL games that Cherry broadcasts at next season. Ron McLean will not be joining Cherry and has been rumoured to have secured a position with Circus de Soleil. " :wink:


we must start a petition to keep ron with don

This one will be interesting to watch. I don't think too many people tell the corporates in Rogers how to do things.

Don in his full Rider Pride Tailor-made suit....complete with chapeau!!!!!!

Cherry with Ron McLeans replacement!!!!!!

Be careful what you wish for, Black haters. :wink:

It might not be a bad idea. After all, Don would make a few mistakes at the beginning, like Rod still does, but Don would learn and appreciate Canada's league. Think of rockem sockem football and more publicity than Rod could ever hope to bring to the CFL.

Are you kidding? A mummified corpse would do a better job than Rod Black.

:cowboy: lol sportsman!!

Are you now President of the Cariboo Rod Black fan Club??? :oops: :roll:

This. :lol:

If this indeed true then this will be fun.

They tried that already. John Wells. And he didn't do a better job. :o