Don Brady Released


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Edmonton fans, need your feedback. Isn't he a great player? He had 5 INT in 2004! 2005 he had an okay year but still, what's up with that?

Brady, Montford, Collier. Any other star players we should let go?

...another weird release from up north....Donald was supposed to be Trump this year, not Duck....(that was a pretty bad bit there, but it's about an EE player, so I went to the bottom of the analogy barrel)...

.....all falling into Maccocia's Master Plan......Honey, I shrunk the Team...

WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON he getting rid of all our (edit - language) talent for a reason!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You guys sound nervous already.

:lol: :lol: :lol:

NO...eskylo im fucking pissed...we lost the first game..whoppey fucking nervs here jsut absolute pissed at our moron bloody coach...go back to montreal where you belong macocia...(edit - language) reject

Another episode of “Where have all the Grey Cup rings gone?”…

Maas out. Morris out. Beaton out. Lesfrud out. Montford out. Collier out. Fleiszer out. Sanchez out. Brady out.

How d’ya like your Sugarplum Fairy Esks fans? He’s doing a pretty nice job with your championship squad, isn’t he?

lol fuck yuo third...nice to know your coach cost you a championship with two rooks at corner in i wouldnt be opening my mouth to much..

and i guess since french seperatist dont like to read third…beaton.lefsrud,morris retired. and sanchez got replaced with durden who has won a championship…i guess you didnt read that in the paper. maybe since the liberals aren’t stuffing money down quebecs mouth none of you care about the news anymore…

Hey Raw

Who replaces Brady?

dixon..hes very good he got a INT...but he doesnt have the exspirience...and why release could have traded him for sometin

Yup. Matthews did cost us that game in 2003, Rawnutlikescrunchypoo.

But at least he has an impact on our games. He makes us wins most of them. I doubt your coach is responsible for your successes, which seem due to the talent pool on the field.

But how long can a boat sail without a captain?

gerald dixon

the only thing i can think of is....Gerlad Dixon played so well last game that he thought we could get rid of Brady

True. Just like when we released Mark Megna, or when you let go Collier.

collier was a moronic move..montford i understand because he was a cap casualty....but im starting to not like our fat ass coach

honeymoon is over...

if i wasnt at work sitting here getting nothing done..i would be driving donw to the eskimo office and aksing WTF

Easy young fellow... It's fun to question a poster's football sense but when it gets personal you have gone a little too far. And, it's only week one so don't panic.

OH yes the young Eskie fan is coming apart at the seams. Tinker bell coach is ruining the team. :lol: Just maybe Brady was fired for not covering little Niky! :lol:

i always go to far...its jsut the fan in me....and im not young im 19...:stuck_out_tongue:

ok mac is tinker bell

but higgins is ned flanders