Dominque Dorsey

I was surprised when Tillman shipped Dorsey out of Regina in the offseason in that multi-player trade. I was even more surprised when Winnipeg cut him in favour of overrated Albert Johnson III.

He gave the Argos a great game on Thursday night & could give his old team a few headaches on Friday night.

Great pickup by the Argos.

the argos dont stand a chance against the roughriders

Rocky Butler threw 4 ints in 2 and a half quarters on thursday

i am a ticat fan but i really think saskatchewan has the second best team in the league behind BC ( when dickenson andor buck pirece is healthy )

and the argos are nothing without bishop

The thing that was most odd about the ET move, at the time (pre-Cates), was that given the paucity of RBs we had, one would have thought Dorsey was a valuable commodity.
Who knows what happened in Winnipeg, but the back they put in late in the Hamilton game looked pretty shifty, so that was likely a factor.
Anyway, another ex-Rider whom I hope has a new home, but that he waits one game before having another big one...

I remember he turned a few heads when he got some playing time as a returner with the Riders as he just flat out ran into anything, he never impressed me much as a running back though.

Doesn't seem to change directions with any speed, or perhaps we were just spoiled with Kenton.

there were flashes of what he could do here last year but at the same time, he had me slapping my facing going ohhh god look what just happened.