Dominique Dorsey

Is he still in town? I think we may have done him an injustice by replacing him. I think Grice-Mullen may be a downgrade from Dorsey. On the other hand how we turn 2 all-star returners into duds in a single season?

I said he wasn't the problem a long long long time ago.

I'm not sure any back could return successfully with Daley's blocking schemes.

I think Dorsey will be a good returner again somewhere next year. I don't like Daley but I won't blame him for guys not being able to catch a ball cleanly.

agree with you again LadyGreen.
Dorsey was playing bad. Dropped FAR too many
Our return game is night and day difference since Mullen came in...imagine if he had a wall every now and then!

I hope Dorsey does well. He has in the past. It was shocking to see him have such a bad year. I believe we still have him under contract for a year. Don`t be shocked if you see him in green again.

Watching Grice-Mullen try to make a return and fumble it made me realize why him and Dorsey have trouble fielding the ball as Roughriders - they were so anxious to make something happen and try to hit a seam - they were taking their attention off the ball - hence the fumblitis. Essentially they had no faith in our blocking and were trying to make something happen on their own.

Mr. Dorsey was said to be on the 9 game disable list. The problem for our returners begins with the coach and the blockers. Try to imagine yourself waiting for a ball to come to you in the air, at the same time imagine 12 guys running as hard as the can at you, trying to take your head off. Our returners this year have taken punishing hits while looking inept at what they do as they don’t get much in the way of yards. Getting punished and not accomplishing much gets old quick.

If you're asking if or suggesting Dorsey might be back in Green next year let me ask you this. How many players do you know of who go on the 9 man IR and lose their number? There was a new guy wearing #27 on special teams this week. Dorsey will never play in green again.

And Miller said the ST schemes were good and the coach was good and was a good teacher. He suggested perhaps player changes, implicating that the ST players were not executing. That is almost a lie. The schemes are not good and neither is the coach

Miller does everything behind closed doors. When has he ever been public about decisions? Therefore, what is he supposed to say? His policy of keeping it quiet is one of the things I really like about him

You make valid points, but I think the a new ST coach in combo with the GM might rethink this. The Riders signed him, I believe, to 2 years...leaving 1 year on contract. They also gave him a 60K signing bonus, so I would think that they would still want to salvage something out of it. I realize that things do not look like that will happen at this point, but if it was my call I would bring him int camp. There are a few potential outcomes from that:

1 - he comes to camp and gets harm, no foul
2 - he comes to camp, plays a few games and gets released...this means you pay him for a few games and only that goes against the cap, so long as you cut by mid-season.
3 - he plays well, gets a few games with good numbers and you trade him...even if it is only for a draft pick
4 - he plays really well, and you keep him.

It really is a no lose situation. Dorsey was the one of 2 big moves the Riders made preseason (Simpson the other). He is a pretty large investment to walk away from. Dorsey has had a couple pretty successful seasons, so him crashing was pretty shocking. With a reworked ST unit, maybe he could trust his seams and spend less time trying desperately to find a whole and getting ahead of himself, and more time on the ball, follow the wedge (which is non-existent right now). I have a really hard time believing his failure was his alone...I believe he was in a situation where he was trying to do too much alone. The same can be seen in Mullen...he started out with the Riders and made a big positive impact, but by his 3rd game you could see a downward progression begin. That, to me, is a sign of poor coaching and and insufficient special teams. Dorsey was "injured" as a desperate attempt to improve ST. If a big move like that can't scare a ST straight, again...I say it is coaching.

Will Dorsey be back...not likely
Would I bring him to camp...of course
Will he end up somewhere else...likely, and he will probably have a lot better of a season.

I can only but agree. Good, reasoned post.