Dominique Dorsey, is there a buzz?

...Hi...I'm from the US and don't live in an area where the CFL games are aired; but Dominique used to be my roommate at UNLV and I try to keep up with his stats up there...after his return in the game against Montreal is there a buzz in Toronto about him? I read to that he might get a chance to play a little running back due to injuries, anyone know more about that?

Dorsey was stellar in his season debut last week at Montréal; returning a missed field goal 129 yards for a TD - tying a team season high mark by the guy he replaced for that game: Bashir Levingston. Dorsey is believed to be seeing some RB action Friday night vs. the Riders as regular John Avery is rumoured to be on the shelf for this week. Dorsey was a great player when he was with Saskatchewan a couple seasons back. Now, he's bobbing and weaving in Double Blue.

Thanks...i was finnally able to see his kick return on youtube, good ol internet...

Hey Puremilk:

You can log onto on Friday night & listen to the game against the Roughriders..kickoff is 7pm.

I'll give that a try, thanks..

YES, definite buzz going on. Dorsey is a great returner. Argo brass are getting a little tired of KR Levingston's back and forth, 5 yard losses.

DD Jukes, spins, while fearlessly going STRAIGHT up the field. Many are comparing his style to that of Head Coach Mike "Pinball" Clemons.

thats cuz the argo brass are retards who always need to blame someone for thier lack of offense…

last year they blamed kent austin ( instead of injuries ), and this year they are blaming bash ( instead of injuries ).

as if bash’s occasional 5 yard losses are a big deal :roll:

if they had a working offense, that would be nothing, but because they are all hurt and cant get a drive together, they say " oh its cuz we started on our 30 instead of our 35. :?

Hmmm, never heard of all this going on. No one I know was blaming Levingston for the Argos wooos, well until last nights drop anyway, LOL. Someone just asked how DD was doing and comparing to his competition. At the time which was KR, he was outshining Levingston.

DD started HB last night and made some great runs, good hitch and dump off passes too. No drops, he is very shifty and elusive. Kind of a combination of the Pinball and Mike Jenkins. So compared to his new compitition, which is the often injured Avery, I think he’s now outshining too.

DD is from my home town of Tulare Ca. Watched him play many times while in High school.Unbelievable moves, just to bad he wasn't blessed with a little more size..What he will give you is heart! This guy will leave it all on the field, each and every time! Hail,Hail Tulare, Tulare Union High!!! He will remember the school fight song. Tell him hello from central california, and we are wishing him great health and success..

warmest regards,

Tulare, Ca. (USA)