Dominique Dorsey - curious if he made the team or not?

I'm a UNLV fan and was sad to see him leave. He's a heckuva a player, just a bit small.

FYI, Dominique is 2nd all-time rushing leader in California (High School) with over 7,700 yards and 110+ touchdowns. He's a playmaker for sure. John Robinson just didn't give him the ball enough, until he senior year when he led our league in rushing.

He had a great game against Tennessee last year. Although a loss for UNLV, Dorsey could not be contained. 18 rushes for 121 yards, and 2 returns for 78 of them was for 59 yards. All this against one of the best college programs to exist.

BTW-- first post on the CFL site. I really do enjoy the CFL games I getto se in the states. Its definitely more raw and less primaddonas. Just tough nosed, but wide-open football. Plus I get to see alot of former college players. Its fun football, dare I say even more fun than the NFL at times.

Yeah he made the Team, sorta. He is currently on the practice roster. KK left early on sat with sore ribs ( baby :frowning: ), so if he can't go for the Hamilton game DD will likely be activated. I'm guessing to return kicks and backup Corey.

He was returning kicks in Hamilton so I suppose he's just on the practice roster. The only reason Corey Holmes wasn't returning kicks in Hamilton was because he was starting at RB and they didn't want to double shift him. Dorsey looked good in Hamilton though, man is he fast.

Yeah he is one of those returners that makes you think that he is gonna go all the way everytime.

Dorsey was very impressive against the Argos. Looks to me like he's going to be a great one.

If you think his performance against the Argos was good, wait until he has a good game!

Shame we haven't seen him since then, this guy really needs a chance to shine here especially the way things have been going for us recently. I have really high hopes for him here in Sask under guys like Shivers and Barrett. Hopefully we'll see him August 27th?