So I asked how long Burris was expected to be out a few days ago and that post has been lost in the abiss since, but now I want to know if anyone has heard anything about Matt?? About 4 weeks ago a friend of mine was at a practice and Dominguez, while running up and down the field, shouted to the crowd "Four weeks!" Is there any chance he will be back by the Calgary game.... or at least the BC game. I know when it all went down, he was shooting for BC, but Calgary would just be an added bonus. Just thought I would ask. Thanks.

Go Riders!!

I had originally heard he’d be back by the BC game if he was really needed, or by the first week of playoffs if he wasn’t, just to give him some extra time to heal. Apparently he’s been practicing well…always a good sign…I think being back for the Calgary game might be overly optimistic, but who knows. As long as he’s not comprimised when he moves laterally it shouldn’t be a huge issue.

I haven't heard anything regarding Dominguez in weeks. Hopefully he can wait until the playoffs to make sure he's okay, but then again, if he's good prior to that, why keep him out?

If he shouted four weeks to the crowd four weeks ago, wouldn't that mean he'd be ready now? I wonder if it's some sort of surprise in store for the Als.... t'would be cool!

It would, but from what I've heard, he's not listed as a roster change yet. Stancil is in for Mitchell, and Keith is in for Dorsey (allegedly), but nothing on Matt yet.

Well darn it all to heck..... whoops, my temper got away from me again. :slight_smile:

Glad to hear that Keith is playing, maybe they'll actually give the running game a chance unlike what they did against BC

It would be great to see Matt back at TAYLOR FIELD for the playoffs.

If he's healthy before the playoffs, they should play him. You can't expect him to come in cold and make an impact in the playoffs.

And let's not forget, guys, that the Riders haven't clinched a playoff spot yet. It'd be a shame for the Riders if they rested him for the playoffs, only to find that by doing so they hurt their chances of being there.

Well, if it comes down to the BC game again for our home playoff game they should send him out there and get him back in shape for the playoffs as BigDave said.