Just read the article about Matt talking to a kid at a AIA seminar and the after effects, etc and once again Matt shows how big of a class act he is. The riders need to keep him in the organization in some capacity. I don't think he's starting wideout material anymore but he would still be a valuable 5th guy to put in. He's still got some of the best hands in the league though. But at the very least if your not gonna use him as a player, offer him the position of a reciever coach and let him mentor the new kids like getzlaf, fantuz and Bowmans. He loves it here and the riders have a history of throwing away class players when they lose a step...(Don Narcisse) instead of seeing the benefits of keeping them around.

I don't know, i still think he's got a year or two still left in him, i say keep him for atleast one more year see how he does, remember; he was the CFL leading reciver at the biginning of the 2007 now i know thats was the past but i still want to see what he has left.

I don't think there's any doubt a healthy Matt has a few years left at an elite level. The question is how many more hits and twists do that knee or ACL have left in them.

I think that the initial thought of him being 5th guy in more of a mentor posistion would be very suitable. See what he can do, maybe have him fight for a bigger role in training camp. However if he's not performing; I'd deffinately turn him into a WR's coach. He's got the class, and the patience. I'm sure that this would be a very well matched personal - position opertunity.

I think it needs to be said that Matt, albeit a standout guy and a great player when healthy, simply cannot take any more damage. Especially if he wants a moderatly healthy future after football. I strongly believe his cleats will be hung up soon, and I would love to see Matt take an internal role if available.

He's gotta be done....Surely MD has the comeback bug out of his system, although knowing when to quit is the hardest part of reality to digest as an athlete.....

The Riders have handled MD's attempted returns with great profesionalism when compared to the almost schizophrenic approch with our Qb's , the one day you're a God, the next day you're a goat mentallity. It's nice When the Riders talk respect for players and actually walk the respect they talk....................

Except that, in a SMS world, there is only $4.2million of respect to go around (okay, a bit more with 9-game injury list, but still) ... :cry:

Matt is one of my favourite players but I think he's done. If he's going to play as a 5th or a 1st he's just gonna get injured again. I would be leery about paying him very much money. :cry: