hey everyoneso whats the news on matt dominguez...when is going to return...if he does this season.

News I heard is that he's projected to be back for the first week in November if he's badly needed - perhaps waiting another week until playoffs if he isn't.

I heard the same, he would like to wait until the playoffs to come back unless he is needed.

o ok thanks

I hear that Dominguez might be back even sooner than expected, like by the Calgary game.

good to hear that he is ok, he is a great player.

We have to make the playoffs to get Dominguez back and give him a shot this year. But at this point, if he's ready to go send him out there vs Calgary! If we lose the last two games there is a possibility there won't be a postseason for us this year. When Dominguez went down he told the guys just make the playoffs and we are doing great, well that isn't looking too good right now. This team needs Dominguez!