I heard this today. Dominguez is going to play against Hamilton. Game 3. Maybe even against the Lions. Dominguez and Fantuz and Bowman. That will be 3 big targets for Crandall. Cates is like having another big and strong receiver to.

I heard that he would be back for the game against the Lions, but it would not suprise me to see him sit until the Hamilton game either.

This will be interesting to see who gets sat out. If we sit out Grant, we need to put a Canadian in another spot. Maybe Weston Dressler will sit?

I'd rather have Matt back sooner then later, as would we all. The guy is always injured but its tough to let him go because when he plays, he's so damn good! Hopefully he will return to play against BC. That would be great!

Its mentioned here:

What about flick? how'd u leave him out

Flick is fast. Flick is very good. But he is not big. I said Bowman and Fantuz and Dominguez gives Crandall 3 big targets. Big. 6-3 or taller.

sorry...didn't see that part.

Is it to soon to compare Fantuz, Flick and dominguez to Fairhom, Ellgard and Narcisse?

only difference being the 89 team had a much more prolific passer

According to TSN Matt is scheduled to play BC along with Foord

Dominguez practiced today. Saw him working with the number 1 group. Looked fast and good. Looks like he did last year before he hurt his knee.

Like Austin said - WE will have 3 Monster size receivers playing at the same time

Matt Dominguez - 6'3 220ish
Andy Fantuz - 6'4 220ish
Adarius Bowman - 6'4 220ish

Maybe if we got a rack we could stretch

That's nice quartet of receivers right there.

If Grant is no longer a starter, are we short a Canadian?

Grant is still part of it.