Dominguez may make return yet this year.

Not only did that link not work, but there is 0 chance Matt will be back this year. 0!!

Leader post articale;

Dominguez may make comeback this season
Injury to receiver Matt Dominguez not as serious as previously thought
Rob Vanstone , Leader-Post
Published: Thursday, September 04, 2008
REGINA – A knee injury to Matt Dominguez is not as severe as initially suspected, creating the possibility that the veteran receiver will return to the Saskatchewan Roughriders’ lineup by season’s end.

Dominguez underwent knee surgery Wednesday, when doctors determined that his left anterior cruciate ligament was only partially torn. A complete tear would have ended Dominguez’s season, and potentially his career.

The revised diagnosis means that Dominguez could be back in the lineup by October. He is on the Roughriders’ nine-game injury list, but CFL teams are allowed to bring back two players within nine games. The first early recall is expected to be used on defensive end John Chick, who is likely to return for Sunday’s game against the host Winnipeg Blue Bombers. The second recall could be spent on Dominguez, contingent upon a setback-free rehabilitation process.

Saskatchewan Roughrider Matt Dominguez.
Canwest files

Font:****If the recovery goes as anticipated, Dominguez would first be eligible to return with three regular-season games remaining. Saskatchewan’s third-last regular-season game is an Oct. 19 home date with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats. The Roughriders would also have the option of reactivating Dominguez for subsequent regular-season games or in the playoffs.

"It’s great news in terms of the injury not being as serious as it was believed to be,’’ Roughriders general manager Eric Tillman said Thursday night. "As far as how this will impact his ability to play again this year, it certainly now is possible – whereas 48 hours ago there was no chance.’’

Dominguez was leading the CFL in receiving yards (with 761) when he injured his left anterior cruciate ligament in Week 10 of the 2007 season. He did not return to the lineup until the second week of the 2008 season.

The Georgetown, Texas product also missed the 2002 NFL season with a torn ACL. He had made the Denver Broncos’ roster as an undrafted player in 2001.

Dominguez underwent his second of four career surgeries in 2005, after hurting his right knee in Week 2.

The latest injury occurred Aug. 2 in a 22-21 victory over the host Calgary Stampeders. In five games this season, he has caught 14 passes for 222 yards and one touchdown. Now there is the chance that Dominguez will add to those stats.

"Any decision about Matt will be made with his long-term interests being first and foremost,’’ Tillman said. "We will not try to expedite or accelerate the process or put the team’s best interests ahead of his.’’

So clearly you didnt read the article before you said that.

Nope. But I still believe there is 0 chance he will be back this year. He already came back too early once this year--heck, that worked out so well, why not do it again....

Actually he didn't come back to early, he could have played in the Grey Cup if neccessary but deside to sit out to rest his knee.

So he actually had an extra couple of months rehab.

Matt needs a brace, period.
I really wonder on who Matt has consulted with in regards to playing with a "Unloader" knee brace.
I am no Matt Dominguez, but speaking from first hand experience-on having no ACL and the amazing support and durability of a "Unloader" brace-I believe MD could make a return too the game and be 95% the old MD

I actually talked to Matt in TO and I suspect that is simply not true. In fact, if you recall, he missed the entire training camp and the first game or two this year because the knee was not yet strong enough. I'll be very surprised if he is ready this year, but beyond that, I do not believe he should even try....if he wants to play for a few more years, heal and strengthen the knee and be ready next year. Only way he should consider coming back this year is if he thinks we can win the Grey Cup and then he is thinking about retiring....

He'll be back this year and do a good job. He has an ACL, it's not fully torn so he can rehab in time for the end of the year.
He didn't come back too early, it's football, there is a lot of hard cutting and stopping and starting. This injury could happen to anyone at anytime.

I am not disagreeing with you in the sense that it could happen to anyone. BUT in Matt Ds case there was next to no movement that I could descern that would have caused undo strain on that ligament, yet it partially tore.

Honestly I just don't think that his knees are capable of taking the punishment that pro football deals.

I sincerely hope that he can come back and get back to the form that he was in last year (this year not including the Calgary game he looked like he had lost something). He is a good guy, a leader, a spokesperson, and just an all round good guy and its a shame that he has had to go through injuries like this.

I do wish him all the best but I am holding my breath and will be untill he stays healthy for an extended ammount of time.

Yes. He is a good guy.

His knee causes him fear. I mean, he plays a little different now.

He doesn't go up for those same jump balls he used to always go up for.

His style has been forced to change. You cannot blame him.

I hope to see him back this year too. Either way his knee cannot take any more surgeries; this should be the last time his knee goes under the knife.