Dominguez MAY be done!

Just read on that MD's ACL could be torn. If true, that could be the sad end to a great Rider receiver.

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Yup he said if its a bad injury he might hang them up, maybe do some coaching with the Riders, to bad :frowning:

Bad news. Terrible. Good luck Matt Dominguez. Thank you for all you did for the Riders. Glad you got a Grey Cup ring.

As terrible as Tucker's injury was Matt's most recent one is probably most sad. Jayson had a long and lustrious career while Matt never really got to fulfill his destiny as probably one of the best receivers to play in Rider Green. The injuries seemed to occur just as he was on a roll. Last week he had 92 yards in receptions before the injury. Last year he was the CFL's leading pass catcher prior to injury. Good Luck in your recovery Matt.

Honestly, I love Dominguez and I think he's great for the team... but he has not been the same since his injury last year. He has been very tentative and has lost a step for sure. THis is understandable, considering the severity of his knee injury last year. I think it would be best that he does retire (for him and the team). If all it takes to tear ligaments is a weak hit like in last weeks game, he should not risk being debilatated for the rest of his career. Just some thoughts.