Dominguez Hurt

Heard today that Dominguez won't be playing on Saturday due to a bad knee.

Will that change anything for the game?

he's just not healthy enough, good call i say, also Flik is out.

Yeah, but neither of those is really "new" news...rumblings have been that both Flick and Dominguez would be out since just after the Riders' last game...

I believe Bowman is in for Flick.

I think Bowmans replacing Matt?

Either way he better have got rid of his drop issues or we could just go one man down and still win.

The only player on the team that worries me is Bishop on whether he shows up to play a good game

Please, please, please, coach Miller, play Can't Get Right. I can't wait to see him stink it up this Saturday.

well if he does we got two others that can light up the Lions defence

Jarious Jackson plays for the Leos......

I don't think he's really hurt, it's just more that he's really not in game shape right now. Coach Miller said his hands were still top notch he just doesn't have his speed (yet?).