Dominguez Block

An awesome finish to a great game last night! As good as the catch-and-run by Dressler was, he wouldn't have made it past the 50 yard line without the fantastic block by Dominguez.

Matt is a great blocker down field and doesn't get enough credit for it (IMHO).

Have a look....

I love Matt D, he was actually the first Rider Jersey that I had ever bought (been a fan my whole life but I just never had one before).

But I think that the 3rd knee has finally slowed him down a bit, hands are still there but I don't think the speed is.

Damn...that was a nice block,and ty for the link

Oh no doubt! And with all the controversy, I don't think that block was mentioned. Had Dressler made it into the end zone, I think the block would have been the focal point.

it was mentioned after the hundredth replay.

Actually all the Riders are stepping in to making great blocks...Cates, Fantuz, Hughes