Dominguez back for Montreal?

If we wanna outgun Montreal we need Dominguez there is no question. I know nothing about his condition and is a useful as tits on a boar. Anyone hear on the news of his condition or anything?

Matt D. has posted/said he'll play. I think the real descision lies with coaches and doctors.

What is the worst that can happen. He wreckes his knee, has surgery again and will be back for next season. He says he wants to play so let the man play.

It's about time I've heard something about this situation. Considering how great of a deal it would be if he were to play, there has been very little media around this and not too much information. I really hope he plays and he should because it is his knee and his decision and not the coaches.

I doubt he will play. But I hope he does.

Its official Dominguez will NOT play :frowning:

Better he waits until he's 100% than risk injury, even if that means waiting for him until next year.....otherwise, if he takes a brutal hit, he could be done permanently.....Holmes can pick up the slack, and it wouldn't hurt for French to catch the odd ball, too.....

haha. It never hurts when the recievers Catch the ball. If they could catch, I don't think we would be in the predicament we are in.

I have mixed feelings as a result of this decision. I can fully understand why Dominguez isn't playing, risking your mobility to play a game of football just really isn't smart. Another serious knee injury could end his career. Maybe if the Riders win this week he'll suit up against Toronto, who knows? I realize that the decision was a tough one but in the end I think they made the right decision.

On the other hand it would be a shame if we lost against Montreal due to innefective receivers. It would be nice to see Dominguez suit up but I'd rather see him have a long career as a Rider instead of one playoff game ending his career.

well said Jeremy. I agree with you 100%.

I think the plan was to save him for Toronto…doh!