Dominguez and Davis

So Eddie Davis will be back this week which will bring leadership, but i also caught the tailend of something about Dominguez doing light runs which is good news considering a couple weeks ago Tillman said he could be gone for the remainder of the season. Did anyone hear the whole story on this or something else?

Ivan Gutfriend said before the game that he is probably done. Hes just jogging a bit, not even running routes or anything...

There is a huge difference between being able to run straight ahead and having the lateral stability that a pro receiver needs.
With Matt's previous injury, he pushed to hard to come back early and actually set himself back.
Better he sits out the rest of this year and is healthy next year, than risk further injury now that could affect his career.

What a change in fortune for we 'rider fans. At the beginning of training camp we had Dominquez, Armstead, Flick, Anderson, Murphy, Hill…

I am curious if Pray and Marshall will get any game time. Although they seem a little undersized IMO they must have talent with both getting looks from the NFL.

With Matt D, he running more then straight.

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I think this is the most important part of that whole article...

"I'm not even sure what he's doing actually, but I'm about ready to go grab him and tell him to stop,'' said Austin.

Dont let Millington see him jogging!!

I would suggest this is even more evident, if Matt is being watched by the coaching staff, things are likely better then they let on.

Dominguez didn't want any media attention, but while wearing a brace and being watched by receivers coach Paul LaPolice he was evidently testing the left knee he injured while crashing to the turf late in a Sept. 9 game against the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.
Austin is smart, he is not going to say "oh I think Matt will be back next week" and then find out it is another two weeks. He knows not to build up expectations of the team and of the fans.

Thats your opinion... Hes not playing for quite a while.

Matt is seeing a specialist sometime this week, so we should find out more soon enough.

Is Montreal's Defence that bad?

Or did our Offence look good without Matty Domino?

I mean, after the Montreal game Andy fantuz has gotten himself a new nickname . . .


Montreals whole team is brutal.

You'll find out Monday.

Ummm, hey sport, we don't play MTL on Monday, we play Calgary. Do-de-do-de-do-de-do.

He is implying that the Stamps will beat the Riders, or at least that's my take on it.

Of course, my signature has already proven that Holmes will return a kick for a TD :slight_smile:

Not necessarily beat, but talent wise no
comparison to Montreal imo.

I expect a good game Monday.