Dominance of Divisions

There was a topic at the beginning of the season that carried a debate on this issue. It is found at ... ic&t=17010.

In that thread, I posted the following:

I was intrigued by it back then and wondered if the most objective statistic I know, namely, wins and loses in inter-divisional play would tell anything about this year. So I thought that I would check back periodically. After week 9 (there are no more interdivisional games to play this week), 14 games have featured a team from the east against a team from the west. The wins look like this:

WEST - 10
EAST - 3
TIE - 1

While it says nothing about the superiority of one over the other over a number of years, which the earlier topic also discussed, the dominance of the west over the east this year is pretty hard to deny.

I agree that total wins and losses simply show which division is stronger. Easterners are proud people who may deny the truth if they wish. Every decade, power shifts. Believe it or not, but at one time, Hamilton was the most feared team in the league!

I remember when every year the East final was Montreal and Hamilton. Every team has their highs and lows, and right now the West has been a bit better than the East.

It’s not as bad as it was back in the '80’s. There were years when western teams would finish .500 and miss the play-offs, while an eastern team well below .500 would make the play-offs.

I don't know what people are complaining about. There is a crossover rule.