Domed stadium recommended for Regina

Interesting things going on in Saskatchewan.
Regina is one place that a dome would be a good idea. The advantage with domes is that they can be used all year round for sports, trade shows, rodeos etc:

Report says CFL's Saskatchewan Roughriders need new domed home
35 minutes ago

PrintREGINA - A report says the aging home of the CFL's Saskatchewan Roughriders should be replaced with a domed stadium.

The report says a new all-weather, multi-use facility in Regina to replace Mosaic Stadium could cost $350 million, plus land costs, and could take three to four years to build.

The Saskatchewan government says it needs more information before deciding whether to move ahead.

That's why the province - along with the football team, the city of Regina and the federal government - have announced they'll spend $1 million on a feasibility study to be completed by next January.

Saskatchewan Enterprise Minister Ken Cheveldayoff says until that's done, it's too early to talk about funding for any new stadium.

The report notes that while Mosaic Stadium is structurally sound, it's also one of the oldest in North America and was originally a rugby field built in 1910.

It would help road teams for sure with not having to throw into the crazy wind they often have out there.

If the whole province gets to use it for different things then it's totally worth it. I doubt it would be huge anyway. Maybe 35-40 thousand.

More like 25,000.
The new stadium in Ottawa and the modernized stadium in Montreal are going to be in the 25,000 range.
Seems to make sense for the CFL. The only problem with a 25,000 dome is that you can't expand it if you decide to host a Grey Cup.

Mosaic holds 27-28 so I can't see a new stadium being smaller. I would be shocked if its below 35.

You need a minimum of 40 thousand seats to host a grey cup. No way you could ad 15 thousand seats in a domed stadium. You need outdoor to be that expandable.

Only reason Ivor Wynne was able to get up to 40 for the 96 cup is that its outdoor. If this new Sask. stadium is domed it will have to start big.

A large dome would be very pricey. If they are talking about a $350 m dome so for that price it won't be too big.
If you can have 25,000 seats and sell it out every game and raise the prices you can generate higher revenues. You restrict to 24 or 25,000 and make the tickets the thing to have. You can generate more revnue that having a large 35,000 seat and having to sell cheap seats and give aways.

I think that is what Hamilton is hoping for, to have the new stadium seating 24 or 25,000 and make it the hot ticket item. I would love to see a stadium with 24,000 good seats instead of 18,000 good seats and 10,000 bad ones.
In Montreal they can brag that they sell out 21,000 every game, they make it a great experience and its the place to be. Ottawa too is looking at the Montreal experience and going from a 28,000 seat frank clair down to a 24 or 25,000 seat stadium.

The only way I could see a domed stadium with 25K capacity being expandable to 40K is if they put absolutely nothing at each end of the field and just have permanent seats on the sides. That way you could easily add temp bleachers for 7500 in each end zone for a grey cup.

A domed stadium makes sense to me. You want to use it for more than football and more than in the summer and fall. You want to have the option to host concerts and other such activities in the winter time.

The ideal situation would be to have a bubble like they have on BMO during the winter time.

With the rabid fans in Regina, there is no doubt the dome will be at least 40,000 permanent seats.

It'd be a mistake to have a domed stadium in Regina, football was meant for the outdoors. The Green Bay packers have the frozen tundra which has it's advantages but Minnesota went the other way. One's a Super bowl champion.

Yeah, forget the dome. Football, especially prairie football, should be played outdoors.

Just build a nice stadium with a field that can be "bubbled" over in the winter for other uses ala BMO field.

Even during the playoff drought from 1977 to 1987, the Riders usually averaged attendance of 21,000 and up. In recent history it's tended to hover between 24,000 and 27,000. The lowest figure I could find since 1970 was 19,327 in 1999. They've been selling out a lot of games now that they've had several years of good teams and a recent Grey Cup. Plus, high global oil prices have increased the profitability of oil production in Saskatchewan and helped spur economic growth there.

I can see the business case for building a domed stadium. It seems to be part of the evolution of pro sports to control as much of the game day experience as possible, including the weather for the sake of convenience. Personally though, I find the controlled climate of a domed stadium sterilizes the game, especially football, which I believe is meant to be played in sun, rain, fog or snow. I also miss natural turf fields...

Are they talking about an actual domed stadium -- or a domed field in the off-season (a la BMO Field)?

I can't believe anyone would ever recommend a domed stadium in the CFL. I could see something like the new B.C Place -- or, some of the renderings of the Pan Am Stadium in Hamilton -- where it's open air but covered seating.

Nothing is perfect but a domed stadium is probably much more cost effective in the long run with so many more uses available all year long. This isn't just about 10 or 11 football games a year. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a big fan of domes but if the Cats had a dome, I'd be keeping my seasons tickets because I'm a Cats fan first, stadium fan second.

Yes an actual domed stadium. If it was just an inflatable off season dome they wouldn't be pricing that out.
Frank Clair in Ottawa has a dome installed every November til April. It's a private company that rents it out to soccer teams/football etc. It's a good money maker. I'm not sure that Hamilton has looked at putting a dome over Ivor Wynne in the winter.

A dome does make a lot of sense, especially if they want to see the stadium being used for more than football. Just look at the potential for trade shows, concerts, tractor pulls, soccer games, indoor football

I'm all against domed stadiums for sports such as football and baseball, watching both in the concrete dump down the QEW is brutal unless the dome is open which got me thinking and researching when I came across this beauty of a stadium in Copenhagen, Denmark. It has a retractable roof if the powers that be want a covered stadium for trade shows, concerts, which has the capacity for 55,000 if including the floor seats.

It actually looks like it would be a good place to watch football (both N.A. and Euro verisons) with the roof open:

[url=] ... arken2.jpg[/url]

-Built between 1990-1992 for a cost of $85.3 mill.

-Seats 34,098 (38,000 in future)

Yeah that Danish one looks really nice. might be too many endzone seats, but that roof -- even with an exposed field -- looks ideal to me. Not sure how economical retractable roofs have become, but I'm just not sure there's the call for large scale events, in winter, in Regina that can't be held in the arenas there (Regina or Toontown).

Stadiums as concert venues generally aren't great and there aren't that many acts that can fill them. So, from a spectator sport standpoint, just not sure whether it makes sense to have warm and dry fans in the 2 or 3 dates a year, maybe, that (really) requires it.

I would like to know who came up with this report that a dome is needed, for Regina. I am thinking it is somebody who wants to run the show and upstage Saskatoon. A dome is not needed at all, a stadium would be cheaper and more economic since Saskatoon already has Credit Union Centre which is more than adequate to hold all of the trade shows and what not. I cant see anyone thinking that putting in a couple hundred million dollars more into a domed stadium would be effective when it is only a couple hours drive to Saskatoon for these events, and also a larger population base.

Either way, this wont happen for at least 10 years as Regina is a very bad city when it comes to making decisions. They talk it up for several years, and then when it is supposed to get done, all of a sudden there will be a flaw and they will scrap plans.

Its a multi use facility so they could always make an upper deck for concerts rodeos monster truck events and also hosting a grey cup and im sure with the fan base they have in rider country 35-40k seat dome stadium would not be to large.

One thing to consider is the climate. Copenhagen has much, much milder winters than Hamilton or worse yet, Regina. I wonder whether that design accounts for winter conditions similar to what we experience in much of Canada.