Dome Idea...or dumb idea

...I prefer the open air at games....although a lot of people like to sit out and away from the elements... however IF a roof is going to be the difference maker in getting a new facility...i say go for it////another 1.8 million thrown in by Asper is nothing to sneeze at....C'MON feds ante-up... :rockin: :thup:(DOME WOULD ONLY COVER THE ACTUAL PLAYING FIELD)

well for as much as i think it domes are dumb in football. it would bring more of the whimp fans to our playoff games and the league would look at it for more gc games. and well it would only be used in winter so y not, i just want the new stadium.

I say no to the dome. One of the advantages Winnipeg has when it comes to a home playoff game is the weather..

Why give that away?

well it won;t actually be a dome stadium, still the original design but after seasons end they cover just the field with an inlatable dome so that they can use the field during the offseason.

Look at the bright side papa.....during summer, it keeps the mosquitos out, and during the Winter keeps the heat in! :wink: :wink: Trust me, you'll love a dome! :thup: :thup:

....I think the roof idea for the playing field is a good one....some would say, why go part way... cover the whole place....The cost for the mini-dome would be covered by Asper ...however a true domed stadium would start running into 'big bucks' and Asper is not receiving any positive news on his first proposal without 'any type' of roof...soooo i would say a totally enclosed stadium is out of the question???? I guess if you are thnking practically a total enclosure makes the most sense in WPGS. climate (wind,cold etc.)...BUT a lot of fans don't mind the elements and think that's the way football should be played...In the end the financing will dictate what type of facility Winnipeg and the Aspers will get...IF ...they get one at all???????? :roll:

If you are going for a new stadium...go for a removable roof! :wink:

Then it can be used for more than just shows...all kinds of things!

Just don't build it like the Skydome! :thdn: (yea, I know it's the Rogers Centre...but I helped pay for it and I'll call it what I want... :lol: ) It's not a good facility for football...built for baseball, you are too far from the action! :thdn:

The extra cost of a removable roof would pay for itself by allowing the stadium to be used for more than football!

.......I hope Manitobans remember this anti-stadium guy Vic Toews in the next federal election...On a radio talk show recently he throws cold water on the latest Asper proposal for a mini-dome in the new facility venture, saying that it could easily be built in the old stadium...Wake-up Toews..the old stadium has seen better days and putting a bubble type roof in it would be like trying to put a new Porsche engine in a 56' Volkswagen...This guy is a joke as a politician in Manitoba...I'm really toying with the idea of campaigning in his riding in the next election for 'anybody but Vic Toews'...and hope the conservatives pay a political price for this jokers total lack of integrity as a Manitoba politician...goodbye Toews :thdn: ....I guess we'll have to wait for the liberals to run things again....'maybe then we'll get a sympathetic ear in the capital... :roll:

Unfortunately the people in Vic Toews riding will still be voting for him 4 years after he's dead. Asper will end up going over his head with some big contributions and the decision will happen anyway making Vic look every bit as useless as he is.