DOME for Peg' stadium

....seems as though Asper is getting serious with his bid for a new facility by announcing that the new stadium to be built in Winnipeg will get a 1.8 mill. dollar dome (his money) at the end the season. He says it will allow and accomodate other sports such as soccer...lacrosse ...etc. I think that this could be the deal-maker IF the feds. get on board.. A recent poll in the Peg showed, not overwhelming, but solid support for the venture before the dome announcent....MAYBE this will be enough to get it done Here's hoping?????? :roll:

1.8 Million?
For a domed stadium?
I kinda doubt that number.

...that figure would be just for the roof???? :wink:

.....sorry if i didn't make myself clear

Here is the link to the story from TSN.

Cheers :rockin:

Even if that is just for the roof, I find it awfully cheap wouldn't cover the entire stadium ro, jus thte field...think like this:

...that could be done for 1.8 mil....

...YOU GOT IT.. :slight_smile:

I think this would be awesome for the city of Winnipeg and for the is hoping that it goes through!

forgive my confusion, but this roof is not for the bombers, just for the neighbouring facility?

it will be for the playing field. the facility is going to be a mall pretty much. the reason it is such a low number is that he is planning an infflatable roof used only in the winter so we can get more use out of the stadium and return the cost to the prov and feds faster.

here ro this should clear it up

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this is the link to the actual propsal for the dome, it includes specs including size, wind speeds it can withstand and weight in snow. also has a few pics from inside and outside other domes like this.

Now I follow,
great link!

I believe Ottawa does the same thing for Frank Clair

Big deal.
They're going to put up an inflatable dome.
I thought they were going to build a domed stadium.
Instead they're going to use the field as an indoor driving range in the off season.
Whoop dee doo.

Hey if it's enough to convince the nay-sayers then I say go for it.

It should help with public support of the project if people realize the facility can be used all year round for recreational sports and not just for a few months in the summer for football.

The downside of this is that this facility will not be available for football games nor the Grey Cup as the croud would have to sit ouitside the dome/ Maybe they are going to have giant screens inside so the fans can watch the game on TV.

^ LOL I don't feel so slow now... :lol:

I thought the same until I read footballmad's link. The dome won't be used for CFL games. It'll be used for other activities after the CFL is over.

chief i heard the idea and thought it was an inflatabl;e dome stadium idea until i checked the link, i knew the site would have the actual proposal. i think it is a great concept and already has alot of support from people in the city.

I think this is a great idea. A partially covered stadium is what we need for the Blue Bombers, just enough to keep us fans out of the rain. Football is made to be played outdoors. This mini dome would allow the stadium to be used by small community groups and teams during the off season for other sports. I love this idea as it gives us the best of both worlds.

For anyone wondering why they don't just cover the entire stadium with a permanent dome, that's because a large indoor facility like that would be in direct competition with the convention centre and the MTS Centre for events, which is phrohibited by contracts made with those two facilities. This mini dome would only be used for minor sports in the off season and would not be used for trade shows or concerts so wouldn't be in competition with the MTS centre or convention centre.

This is also much more likely to peak the interest of the federal government, as they weren't keen on spending money on a facility that would only be used by pro sports, but would be in favour of a stadium that could facilitate minor community sports, which this would.