DOLPHINS vs BILLS @ Rogers Centre

I'll be taking a break from studying to tune in.

I'd rather catch the Dallas/Pittsburgh game, but if that one's not on TV, I'll probably watch this one.

pockets of empty seats everywhere

I just tuned in. They haven’t given too many shots, but it looks like it might be a decent crowd. I wish they’d show the higher seats.

Edit: They just showed a good shot of one side of the stadium, and I only saw one pocket of empty seats. It looks like a good crowd. I’m a little surprised, to be honest. I was reading this morning that the average price for these tickets was $183.

Poor Buffalo's been treated to some unbearable football since the 5-1 start.

I was actually thinking the opposite, that there seems to be more empty seats than I expected.
Wishful thinking on my part perhaps.
Does anyone know if those covered seats in the lower bowl behind the bench were left unsold on purpose?

i'm hearing they were giving away tickets everywhere near the stadium!!!! Surprise, surprise!!!

The Rogers empire must be taking another financial bath what with all the empty seats, freebies and papering the house.

Announced attendance was 52134. Here's a Canadian Press article reviewing the event

Not a bad crowd. But I ended up tuning out. Friggin Bills... What a joke. :roll:

Even the article seems to have doubts about the attendance surprise, it WAS probably alot lower.

P. Godfrey claimed he had 56,000 for the last American Bowl, so this game was obviously not a sellout, although looked pretty packed. I wonder if the Toronto media will have the guts to call this game a dud, like they did the Grey Cup this year, which was actually a very intense, well-played game which had a potential thrilling finish dashed only by Cavillo's INT in the endzone. That Bills Dolphins game was as dull of game as I could possibly imagine.

I call BS on that.