Dolphins vs Bengals - NFL TNF game thread

figured i make a thread since the NFL season thread got jacked by yours truly on monday :joy:

come chat if you’re watching!

i’m picking the Bengals in this one.

edit: game time is 8:15pm Eastern / 5:15 pm Pacific


just saw this:

also i did not know this!

The (Dolphins defence) team is led by dynamic Canadian safety Jevon Holland — the son of a CFL player who was raised in Coquitlam and has the B.C. Lions’ logo tattooed on his arm — and also features former Saskatchewan Roughriders linebacker Sam Eguavoen.

Bengals white-out uniforms are sweet!


They wearing them tonight?

yep. looks amazing :star_struck::tiger:

It’s funny. Normally a downgrade when you take colour out of a uniform but those Helmets are :fire:.

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i like Rosenthal’s previews

Those uniforms with the tinted face shield are pretty pretty pretty cool .

They must have some amazing doctors in Miami to heal a back in 4 days......


lol was thinking same

Riders could learn something here about avoiding wait, Cody will change the play on the line and go for the hero throw anyway....

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holy 3 and short bengals… nice gain for 1st down.

and another FD pass.

Burrow looks good so far.

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Getting that ball out quick today...

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bengals moving the ball well on first possession

flag on the fins D late hit

in the red zone!

another penalty on fins D


3rd and inches on fins 4

bengals called timeout

Gang TD.

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Looked like a Rugby Maul.....


TD! yes nice push

bengals O look great so far

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Classic throw until the LB's back off and then run drive.

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