Dolphins release Vick

I know i'm going to get slammed for this but I can't help myself...Marcus Vick has been cut from the Miami Dolphins...If he has any interest in playing in Canada I think we should consider him...Everyone knows about the concerns around him, however "trouble" players have come to Canada before and behaved responsibly but lacked major success (Ricky Williams, Onterrio Smith)...Also Marcus has seemed to clean up his act since his last days at VT...Marcus seems like he fits the new trend of quarterback in this league (Casey Printers, Henry Burris)...I'm not suggesting he be considered for a starting position but after a few years of development he could become a potential starter in this league and most likely have success...Marcus is smaller then the average NFL QB a reason many players of his stature come to the CFL...However this post is probably meaningless because he will most likely explore his NFL options and if not seems more suited for the Arena league

I believe he is on Toronto's negotiation list from what I recall of earlier Marcus Vick musings here at and elsewhere.

If I am mistaken, I'd appreciate a link to that information.

Oski Wee Wee,

funny...hamilton fans cried bloody murder over the argos signing ricky williams for smoking pot...

yet heres a cat fan suggesting bringing in this clown, who has a long trail of behavior problems....including threatening someone with a GUN.

Nothing good could come of this.

Stay away.

Pit bulls are banned in Ontario, aren't they?

Careful with the generalization there. Are you sure all Hamilton fans cried bloody murder?

The QB is the most visable person on the team.

Criminals need not apply!!!

Criminals need not apply!!!

Unless, of course, they will get us to a Grey Cup, then it's okely dokely. :twisted:

Everyone can make Mistakes ....
Marcus Vick is human..
Like the rest of us People make Mistakes.

Let he who is without Sin Cast the 1st Stone.

Is casting the 1st stone anything like heaving the pigskin?

okely dokely.
I believe that it's 'okily, dokily' [url=] ... ily+dokily[/url]

Okay- I just couldn't resist it. Sorry, Earl.

Nice one Mark, kudos :thup:

Don`t be to quick to think these NFL qb can play in the CFL and shine, they are in my mind all totally over rated and the NFL is more about their money and their population then their talent. Do you think the bears qb would make it in the CFL. He would not even make 2nd string. THEIR WAY OVER RATED! EVEN BELL said who played in the CFL and NFL in have to be a better qb in the CFL to play.

Lets start praising what we have regardless of the eight teams, ask Ricky Williams. We need to preomote our product more and maybe we will have the right amount of teams not 30, and 20 of them no good but 10 teams and someday 12 a perfect number for a much more competitive leaque and we can say its ours. So NFL stay out of our country.

Hes on Toronto's neg list anyways so who cares.

Did we cry bloody murder because he was smoking pot?

Or because he had torn up the NFL before coming to Canada to join our biggest rivals?

no, it was cuz he was a pot head...a 'drug user'.

sure, we all know it was really cuz ticat fans were scared it would make the argos too good, but the reason given here was, 'hes a druggie'.

It disgusts me the way people talk about an incredible athlete just because he has made some bad descisons in his life...Don't forget he was in his early twenties when he was accused of multiple charges including the gun incident...Who on this forum never made bad descisions when they were his age???...Also consider what his mind frame would have been knowing he was a great college QB with a brother who is one of the most popular and exciting athletes in the NFL (not that thats a valid excuse)...He was also acquitted of some charges, something people tend to forget when talking about players who have had run-ins with the law...The thing he did that disgusted me the most however was when he stomped the leg of an opposing player...I'm not trying to say the guy deserves a contract, but a second chance to play the game he lives for is definitely a must (PS I'm not a fan of either of the Vicks or of scrambling quarterbacks for that matter and I never would have made this forum in the first place had I not thought Marcus Vick has what it takes to play in this league and be successful)

It will be interesting to se what the Argos do with Marcus Vick if he decides he wants to try the CFL. With 5 QB's signed already they would have to either cut one or perhaps make a trade.
I don't know if Winnipeg has already traded their #1 pick for 2008 yet, but they could use Michael Bishop to go with Kevin Glenn.
But having too many QB's is a nice problem to have and Marcus Vick is too talented to not see what he can do in the CFL if he is available.

Don't forget he was in his early twenties when he was accused of multiple charges including the gun incident...Who on this forum never made bad descisions when they were his age???
Made mistakes but not when holding a GUN!
Who on this forum never made bad descisions when they were his age???...
Me... I made all my bad decisions before the age of