Dolphins delaying to end transaction w/ Ricky Williams

Extra-year option stalls Ricky deal

By Greg A. Bedard

Palm Beach Post Staff Writer

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Ricky Williams' possible run to the Canadian Football League remained on hold Monday — and it could stay that way at least until the end of the week.

The Dolphins and Toronto Argonauts, sources said, are discussing a key factor in allowing the suspended running back to play in Canada — assurance for the Dolphins that Williams will return to Miami after one season in Toronto.

CFL contracts include a club option year, meaning that if Williams becomes a big draw for the Argonauts, they might try to enforce that option year.

Williams, who is suspended for the 2006 NFL season for violating the NFL's substance-abuse policy, has told his agent he would return to the Dolphins. But Toronto officials have given the Dolphins only verbal assurances that they would not impede his return to the NFL when the CFL season ends in November, sources said.

The tricky part for the Dolphins concerns the NFL's reinstatement policy. Williams must petition for his return with no guarantees. He will be allowed to petition for reinstatement "no sooner than 60 days before the one-year anniversary date of the letter suspending him," according to the league's drug policy.

Williams, sources said, was notified about his suspension near the end of December. The CFL gives all of its players a chance to sign with NFL teams from Jan. 1-Feb. 15, so if Williams still is awaiting word about his reinstatement during that time frame, the Argonauts could exercise their option.

The Argonauts opened training camp Sunday. Williams has told the Dolphins he would like to play in Toronto for a season to help alleviate his financial problems. The Dolphins have agreed, but they are concerned about injury and his return to the NFL and they might be hoping that by dragging out negotiations, the Argonauts will end their pursuit, sources said.

Even if the Dolphins are satisfied with a contract, Argonauts owners Howard Sokolowski and David Cynamon reportedly want to meet with Williams before he signs. The Argonauts participate in an anti-drug campaign in Toronto and the owners reportedly want Williams to be a part of that program.

Is Williams really going to give up drugs to play for the argos...? :roll: And it appears that the dolphins are delaying in every way possible to prevent williams from playing in the cfl.

....I heard yesterday that if he does make it to Toronto it won't be until the regular season starts.......

Why would they try to delay?
All they have to do is say no!

They are probably after some sort of guarantee that Williams will actually benefit from being in Toronto. Basically that he join this anti-drug program or something like that.

why would Ricky ever leave the Cannabis Football League (CFL)? as long as we don't have drug testing, he's good to go!

As much as I have such distain for the Argos I really want to see what Ricky can do up here (and get a chance to get my jersey of his autographed). Ricky seems to have some majik karma hold over Saban, let's see if these last snags are just posturing by the fish!

The Dolphins are reportedly dragging this out hoping the Argos give up. I'm thinking the Argos should give up, not worth it, he isn't going to be in camp it seems and won't be ready for a few games I would think. And for some $300,000+? Not worth it, get on with things and if Avery isn't the guy, find someone else.

'Fins feeling CFL deal isn't right for Williams

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Well, Ontario's health minister George Smitherman has come out publicly admitting he is a recovering drug addict, to quote The Medical Post, May 23/06.
And he hasn't been suspended by Mr. McGuinty. The Ontario government better have an NFL type drug testing policy or else they will be called by some to be the the Ontario government drug party.
But I will admit a football player has more public influence than a provincial health minister. :lol:

:thdn: I think the CFL and the Argos are making a big mistake allowing Ricky to play. Yes it is going to increse interest in the CFL and attendance where ever he plays but he is a player suspended for drug use. Are we saying it's OK for our players to use drugs? Is it because it was marijuana in his blood we take it lightly? What if it was cocaine? If the CFL is trying attract new young fans I hope that this isn't their solution. :thdn:

we've already said its ok for players to use drugs in the CFL.

CFL doesnt drug test, so whos to say how many players are using drugs - performance enhancing or recreational.

plus, the CFL already has alot of players who have done worse things than smoke pot. we have wife beaters, cocaine users, dealers, HIV passers.

ricky williams smoking pot on his own without hurting anyone ( and without a criminal record ) is the last of our troubles.

If it's ok for someone to run our hospital and health care system here in Ontario to be an ex druggy, then I really don't have too, too many problems watching a football player do his stuff on the field if he had a few tokes along the way.

its not like ricky comes to games or practice high…he smokes in his own time…same as a having a few beers after work, IMO…and hes said to been clean for over a year.

I don't think I buy that. If he was clean a year ago, why did he walk out on the Dolphins -- and a $7M/year contract -- just to avoid taking the drug tests?

I'm not going to get on my soap box about the dangers of pot, because I don't want to get into that argument. But if he participates in the Argos' anti-drug campaign, and is still using marijuana, it completely discredits the Argos and undermines all the work they're doing to try and keep kids clean. Pinball needs to ask himself if that's something he's willing to sacrifice for the chance at a couple of extra wins this season.

And even if he does play in Toronto this year, we know he won't play there next year. If Williams puts more bums in the seats, that is a benefit which will disappear in 2007. It's a risky thing to create a big marketing push around a guy you know you'll lose at the end of the season.

If I were Toronto, I would say that if Ricky doesn't attend the pre season, we are "cutting" him.

They shouldn't go out on a limb and see how he does in the Canadian game during the regular season. We don't know how he will deal with the Canadian game.

alot of media guys expect ricky williams to put 10,000 extra bums in the seats each game...even if 20% stick around for the '07 season, then it was worth it.

not to mention the tv ratings for argos / cfl games should see an increase this season because of added curiosity. and again, if 20% stick around for the '07 season, this only helps the CFL come tv. contract renewal time.