Dolphins at Panthers

It's cool being able to watch two former teammates playing against each other. Medlock kicked a 49-yd field goal, then on the kickoff, Thigpen gets a 25-yd return.

What's a panther or dolphin in football ???? There is a junior eastern Ontarian league team called the that it ???

The Miami Dolphins (team Thigpen is on) and the Carolina Panthers (team Medlock is on) are NFL teams. A former Ti-Cat kicker had his kickoff get returned by a former Ti-Cat running back in the NFL pre-season.

Sorry I never watch foreign sports expect the Olymplics I’m a true Canadian!!!

Really "true’ Canadians are just as ignorant as Americans… Well thats what “true” Canadians say about Americans anyways…

By the way how did Canada do during the Summer Olympics… oh right… 13th forgot… That must have been fun for you to watch… when I watched the Olympics I barely saw Canada compete, and when they did, the usually choked. Then the Canadian T.V. stations are praising American athletes, talking about phelps etc etc…Oh and Hockey is on a verge of another lock out… Man must be great being a True Canadian only watching the Olympics every 4 years… and the CFL for a few months.

True Canadian everyone! Lets hold a parade for him hahahaha.

Don’t get me wrong I am proud to be Canadian but what you just said was very asinine

Thank-you for asking...yes I enjoyed the Olympics very much.

Panthers cut Orlando Mare, no word on whether they will go with Medlock or bring in another kicker.

Panthers and the Jets was on TSN last night, Medlock didn't play but Mare kicked one FG. I assume they are keeping Medlock, but you never know.

I'm a true Canadian big time, huge. That being said I like the NFL over the NHL easily. Is that ok? :stuck_out_tongue:

Truth be known, I'd be upset if the NFL went on strike, but not the NHL. Of course if the CFL went on strike I'd probably have a heart attack on the spot the minute I heard that. :o


a CFL strike would be highly unlikely unless revenues/profits were to escalate dramatically.

out of curiosity, has the CFLPA ever gone on strike in past history?