Dolphins a dangerous team

Well, I guess I can't be too upset about the Colts getting manhandled by the Dolphins anymore. Rex Ryan's defence was also manhandled... and they gave up more points.

This Miami team is a real threat... They were saying last night that the Dolphins started 2-4 last season, and I thought, "No way in hell. That'd mean they would've had to finish the season on a 9-1 run." So I hopped online and checked out their schedule for last season. Turns out they did finish on a 9-1 run.

Kind of makes me wonder if we could see a similar run this season. They've gotten two good wins within the division. Next they face NO, @NYJ, and @NWE. I'd say each of those games is a toss up.

Glad the Colts faced them early in the season... :lol:

don't forget though, they went 9-1 by using the wildcat offense, and destroyed their unsuspecting opponents.

This season, one imagines that every team and their mascot has a successful wildcat offense play on their books, so they no longer have that element of surprise that they had last season.

From my watching of the NFL this year, the Dolphins (especially since Pennington was injured) have been the only team to really use the Wildcat to it's full potential. Personally I think a couple of other teams have prefect personnel for it (SD with LT and Sproles, and WAS with Antwaan Randle El) but they don't run it at all. Most of the other teams have only used it sparingly and seemingly don't dedicate the time to it that the Dolphins do. I think it's possible that the Dolphins finish this season as strongly as last, even with Henne at QB.

***This post has to be qualified by my saying that, even though I'm English, I'm a lifelong Dolphins fan.

Run Ricky Run!

2 TD’s thus far today.

Nice match up on Fox.

I've got the Cincy/Chi game on FOX. Cincy is dancing circles around the Bears right now. I wish I could be watching the Miami game, though.

How many people picked Miami to win? I really!!! wanted to, but I didn't have the guts. I figured I'd go with the safe pick and take NO. Should've went with Miami. :lol:

Still 10 minutes left in the 2nd quarter. They're a safe bet to turn the tables.

Not so sure... Just checked the score. Miami is now up 24-3. Damnit! :lol:

CFL scoring today. I guess you're watching Detroit's Fox affiliate. My sympathies.

Only one I get. I scanned through all the channels and could only find the Miami game on a pay channel. I did catch the last few minutes of the game. They cut to it after the other games ended. Have to say I disagree with the illegal forward pass call, but whatever... I got the pick right, but I was really hoping Miami would upset. lol

I'll give New Orleans credit for that comeback. It was an epic game though.

My Saints are really showing their potential. Last year they sorta flew under the radar with injuries and what not, this year the D is vastly improved and a healthy Colston bodes well. If they can stay healthy, the sky is the limit with these fellas.

Run Ricky Run!

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Holy crap. I was just looking over my Pick’em and saw an X beside New England. I had to do a double-take. I can’t believe Miami won. Looks like they’re making their playoff push. :lol:

What's up with the Pats? They should have rolled over the Fish today.

I think they're starting to crack. I heard earlier on the NFL Network that apparently Belichick tried to convert another fourth down. :lol: It's like ever since the Indy game, he's determined to convert a fourth down. :lol:

Personally, I'd love to see Miami overtake New England in the division, and knock them out of the playoffs for the second straight year. Sadly, I'm not sure if it'll happen. Miami's schedule is a bit harder, and New England already has a game on them.

New England: Carolina, @Buffalo, Jacksonville, @Houston
Miami: @Jacksonville, @Tennessee, Houston, Pittsburgh

The Dolphins certainly have their work cut out for them, but I'll be cheering for them! :lol:

It'll be interesting in that division, agree Pats have the easier sched but who knows.

Well, it looks like the Patriots won the division. :x Miami is out. Kind of a shame.