Dollarama has Tiger-Cats Merchandise !!

I was at Dollarama at Queenston Road and Nash Road, they are selling car flags, hand flags, antenna flags and huge flags. They are on sale from $1.00 to $3.00. :thup: Great Deal :thup:

I picked up 6 of them…3’ x 5’ for three bucks each plus tax…Yes a GREAT DEAL. :thup:

Thanks for pointing that out, “tc23”.

Nice! Gotta check it out.

Was at Target at Centre Mall yesterday and they’re selling these t-shirts for $14.99. Good deal.

Hay no prob.

I was also at the Centre Mall Dollarama, and they had Ticats flags of all sizes.

I noticed on the Argos forum that Dollarama in Toronto is selling Argos stuff.

I wonder if all Dollaramas are selling CFL stuff ?

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