Dolegala, Riders couldn't 'dream up' better win over Bombers

SASKATCHEWAN – The Saskatchewan Roughriders notched a win to remember on OK Tire Labour Day Weekend.

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Like he said, “I expect the same thing, just a battle for 60 minutes.” And CFL fans everywhere can hardly wait for the Banjo Bowl to start. It’s going to be battle from start to finish. :partying_face: :boom:


I expect the Bombers will take the win at home but will be a entertaining game no matter what next weekend while the Lions get a week off and watching closely.


And Cowtown just saw another nail in the playoff coffin appear.
Elk will be motivated to draw even with the Horses.


The score yesterday was 32-30-0

The last number is what the stampeders scored in the game. So far this year the stampeders have been very consistent, scoring exactly zero points in games they haven’t been involved in. I expect that consistency to remain for the rest of the season…


Thats what good teams do.
The thing is the stamps ARE. 3 wins on the season. One game ahead of the hapless Elk. That could very well be both teams with 3 wins at the end of today’s game.
No matter how you look at it the stamps are far from the team we all expected them to be at this point in this season.

Totally agree, they are not relevant this year at all…had to happen eventually I suppose…

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I for one am still not counting out the stamps… All a team need do is MAKE the playoffs… Stamps could be the one team going East for a play off that actually does the inevitable and makes it an all west affair in the Cup game

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Might happen I guess, maybe the elk will surprise us all and do the same!! Wouldn’t that be amazing?!

No way the teams from AB are catching you guys though now that the lightning in a bottle Dolegala has been unleashed…your team has big time confidence having knocked off the number 1 and 2 western leaders…should be fun to watch how this all unfolds…

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Playoff positioning is still very much up in the air. A win today and a Hamilton loss has them tied for the crossover

Beating the numbers one and two on labor day and earlier is far from beating the same teams in the playoffs. But nobody foresaw the riders being with a legitimate chance even 2 weeks ago either.

I’m sorry here but I don’t know what game everyone else was watching but that 2 point convert by sask In OT was aided by the ground and if I am not mistaken would be ruled as an incomplete pass ?? Also what with the officiating Isnt also a league rule that if players commit 2 misconduct fouls that player would be ejected from the game ? so why is Robertson still allowed to play and why wasn’t players on both sides not ejected?? Sorry here but Saskatchewan fans your team didn’t win that game you were clearly helped by referee incompetence and the proof is in the videos just watch for yourself

Sorry but if you are going to whine over that catch, I am going to whine over Demski’s catch inside of the 5. It was aided by the ground every bit as much. Take the catch away and you take at least 4 ( assuming they got a field goal) and but most probably 7 off of the BB. You can’t have it both ways. Either scenario and the BB still lose.

BTW, I have rewatched the entire game plus highlights.