Doing pranks at CFL games

I know in the late 2000's in Calgary was a MAJOR streaking binge for the labour day game. It was even on YouTube for some time (maybe still is). It was at LEAST 7+ different clowns who proceeded to jump on the field almost in single file every few minutes. There was too many of them for security to handle and one of the latter fools got to center field and ran around for quite a long time. Idiotic, but absolutely hilarious at the same time! :smiley: :wink: Like some Monty Python skit! Twit Olympics! :smiley: One guy had a problem getting his shorts off and they tackled him pretty quickly. CRAZY! :smiley: I was at that game and remember it vividly as the drop off point was right across the field from where I was siting. I almost "died" from gut wrenching laughter over that insanity! :smiley:

After that game the Stamps slapped up barrier where these fools all jumped onto the field from (NW corner of main grandstand). I have seen no streakers at McMahon since then, at least for games I went to or watched on tv. Has to be some kind of record for the CFL or ANY sport on that day! :wink: :smiley:

Totally agreed - Calgary was confiscating them too. Very short-sighted.


You want fans to throw beach balls onto the field?

Not at all! But at quarter breaks, halftime, TV timeouts? There's a lot of dead time to fill during games and the beachball thing is easily controlled - pretty easy to gather them up in time for play to resume, we've trialed it. Even had beachballs created with a CFL logo on them before we plugged the plug on the entire thing at the last moment a few years ago.


I guess you'd just ask fans to only throw when told to. Yeah that should work. What could go wrong? Good lord .

I know that this video has been posted in the past in here but it's worth reposting . Honestly if I didn't see it live as it happened I wouldn't have believed it . I'm probably one of the people in the background that you hear hooting and hollering . :crazy_face: :rofl: Gotta admit as much as I love THF there are times like this that I miss the rowdiness of old Ivor Wynne .

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Harmless fun 0
Improbable safety concerns 1


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I bet you’re fun at parties.

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well one thing i don't do is get invited to a party then throw food at the host. well generally .

so Banks is running ...coast clear...then Sully throws a beach ball at him on the field. official blows the play dead.

having fun yet?

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You’re right. Beachballs are potential hazards.
We have to think of the children. Your analogy is retarded.

It’s a beachball. The least harmful thing ever. Relax.

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Forget the kids. they have their scissors.

think of the whistles as balls come out to play.


I watch football for the game play, not "pranks" and other extra curricular activities

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Same here, but Beachballs are incalculably low on my list of things to give a crap about at a game.

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Fun? Absolutely. I was allowed to climb trees and scrape my knees.
And we played lawn darts too. We never died or threw food or injured a football player or got distracted by beachballs...just lived in the moment and smiled sometimes.

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Ok beachballs can be thrown at will next game you go too by Huck and friends. I'll go to your bar and fire about calamari and tequila.
Where is your bar and the name of it?

No idea what the hell that has to do with your beachball problem.

We don’t sell Calamari. Will shrimp do?

This might be the dumbest interaction I’ve ever had. Let’s both end it now.
I’ll give you the last word. Just for fun.

/Looks left, looks right
//Sees no one looking
///Lobs social grenade
////Ernie laugh