Doing pranks at CFL games

Has anyone ever seen a fellow fan throw a tennis ball onto the field? I witnessed that in high school. It almost hit a referee.

What are some of the pranks you've seen at CFL games or other athletic events?

Someone edited out the over flowing toilet prank in my message!

I think maybe what you call pranks, I call acts of idiots.


Pointless thread.

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At the Carleton/U of O Panda Games in the eighties the U of O side would use surgical tubing stretched between the walls of the entrances up into the grand stand to launch water balloons over the field to us on the Carleton side. I guess that qualifies as a prank, but it was also pretty hilarious.

I also remember a greased pig being let loose on the field — which resulted in much hilarity and no doubt severe consequences for those involved.

Does Canadian TV show streakers at athletic events?

The US has a policy to block that. Most of the time it gets uploaded to youtube and it's hilarious.

Crank call the replay booth; calling them stupid heads when they answer.

Failing that, a flaming bag left at the doorstep of the referee dressing room.

Agree, pointless thread someone throws a tennis ball and a player doesn't see it and twists an ankle. A fan ran on the field at the Euro last week and the TV didn't show it.

This guy wrote the book on starting useless threads . If he's not posting about throwing things or eating things he's posting about toilet things . :roll_eyes:


I bet you don't watch Seinfeld reruns?

You would lose that bet .

Toilet paper hasn’t changed in a hundred years.....and what’s wrong with manure? Ya got the ma, which is good...and the newer.

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Best prank I saw was the 2003 Ticats calling themselves a football team. Goes double for the 2008 Detroit Lions.

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Let's not forget about them Cleveland Brownies from a few years back .

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A tennis ball seems a little much, but I really want to see like 100 beachballs at a game. Calgary did that at a few games and it was so much fun.

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In Ottawa, security confiscates beachballs.
A dumb policy.


Where is language cop Madjack when we need him.??

I'd like to see CFL fans throw channel catfish onto the field between the 3rd and 4th quarter.

It would be hilarious to hear a bewildered Chris Cuthbert commenting on the prank!

no not really, it distracts from the game and it could end up on the field and stop play or someone trips over it or hits someone trying to carry beer.

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Throwing objects on the field is hardly a prank. It is a chargeable offense, stupid and dangerous.

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