Dogs like Cats too--Ticat bandana

Just wondering if the Ticats have a bandana or if anyone knows where I can get one in Ticat colours. My dog always wears a bandana and she would like to show her support for the Cats on her daily walks around the community…
And If there is not a Ticat bandana maybe the caretaker could get some made up for all us dog owners…

yeah!!!!!, just for you.

No it would not just be for me. Bandanas are inexpensive items that I think would be good marketing tools for the team. I'm sure they would be a big seller not just for dog lovers.

its a good idea. id also like to see ticat belt buckles. id buy 2.

there r ticat bandana's i remeber when goss played here he always wore one

I make and sell dog coats and accessories. I don't have any bandanas currently, but if you were interested, I could probably make one for you.. it would have to wait until at least next week, but let me know if you are at all interested.

They made them at one time. My dog wears one I bought at the Center Mall Roar Store.

Why why why ?

Why are all the newest members so negative ?

I think we need a hiring freeze.