Doggone it...Doggett Released

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....too one dimensional, although he never really got a shot at linebacker, as we have some depth in that area???...I don't know if this is a good move right now with Gallant on the 9 game ir???? He says he will be playing somewhere else. hmmmmm.I hope this doesn't come back to bite us :roll:

I guess as long as you're not Canadian, or a kicker, there isn't a whole lot of room on a team for a guy who is strictly a special teams player...

It also doesn't help that you're a player from the prior regime and not one from the current regime. Mack/Lapo had guys they wanted to see compete in camp, they didn't bring him on later in camp even though he was available. Here's one of the top special teamers from last year and yet when he becomes available after being cut by the steelers they didn't consider bringing him back until the special teams crapped the bed the first couple of games. As for whether he was capable as a linebacker or not, I haven't been to practices, so I can't say whether he had been given the opportunity or not to prove himself and whether he performed or not. The 2 games he's been back though the special teams have been better. Now whether that was because of or in spite him its hard to say. But with Gallant going on the 9 game IR and Doggetts release, the special teams will be interesting to watch again this wknd.

I don't think I really buy that. There's plenty of people from last year still around.

Even if that were the case, Mack and Lapo seem to know what they're doing. See: Harris, Hopkins, Suber, etc.

I thought he was good?What happened?
Well if he's going somewhere else, I hope it's Hamilton :slight_smile:

He was good at special teams. Unfortunately didn't live up to expectations at WIL.

Just no room for him given our current situation with all these injuries...

Okay, that makes sense thanks.
I still would like to see him as a Ticat, maybe replace Ike Brown cause he's not good at LB either and he's even worse on ST.

oh well, this is what happens when u are an american who can only play special teams. they werent impressed with him at the linebacker position plus we got a guy named bernard hicks and merril johnson who have been here all season.

hicks had 5 sp teams tackles in exhibition and can also play linebacker and defensive back.

doggett was let go because he's an american who can only play sp teams.

no other reason. with injuries u cant keep americans around who only play sp teams. Just doesnt work.

What about Gizmo ? :lol:

Returners are a different colour horse, kasps, which I know you know.

I liked Doggett. It's too bad he was released.

Me too... :frowning:

1 sp team tackle in 2 games.. if he had 4 or 5, the decision to let him go would have been more difficult but...

when u cant back up anywhere and are only there for sp teams and make 1 tackle in 2 games, the writing is on the wall.

can talk about last years stats all u want but fact is.. last years stats dont mean crap.

LOL...who was talking about last years stats???

It's a fact special teams coverage coincided with his return. It's also a fact he couldn't play WIL well enough for the coaches to justify him staying around. He's still a good special teams player, just currently no room for him (another reason the injuries we've had on defence aren't exaggerated).