...Doggett cut by steelers

....I wonder if we'll see him back in BluenGold.....He was a force last year on special teams and it sure won't hurt us if he returns :wink: Too bad his shot with the steelers didn't pan-out...Someone else might make a play for him down south though....but I think the Bombers are already preparing a roster spot for him as I post.. :wink: :thup:

Mixed feelings. He's one of those people who I wanted to see achieve his dream but on the other hand I would love to see him wearing blue & gold again.

X2 :thup:

he can play the middle cant he? if so, bring him in. would be good depth i think behind lobendahn as wallace has not really stood out one way or another.

absolutely... wed be crazy not to bring him back... has the skill to challenge for a starting lb job.. and even if he doesnt.. he is a special teams demon, and was a real impact player last year... made a lot of tackles and pumped everyone up...

I’m sure he would be welcomed to compete for a spot on the roster, as long as he wants to come back and doesn’t pull a Kelly Campbell. Just because his rights revert back to the bombers after his 10 day waiver period is up doesn’t mean he will automatically come back. One issue is that he’s probably bulked up to NFL size going through the Steeler off season camps, he’ll need to shed those extra lbs to get back into CFL lb shape.

Doggett will be returning to the Bomber's to compete for a spot, he is expected to be in town and meet with Mack and Lapo on Friday or Saturday, that is great news as i like the style Doggett plays. :rockin:

expect more roster moves within the next couple of days :wink:

I don't think he can suit up though until his 10 day waiver window in the NFL is closed. Am I incorrect on that?

You are 100% correct and the good news is he will not miss any regular season games :rockin:

yup.........nine days and counting :rockin: