Dofasco Tiger Vision Scoreboard from Ivor Wynne

Just wondering if anyone knows what happened to the Tiger Vision scoreboard from Ivor Wynne? The new board at THF is a great scoreboard, but so was the old one! It wasn't really all that old.....maybe about 10 years I think.

I'm just surprised that they wouldn't have kept it as a secondary scoreboard for THF in the south end-zone given that it was newer and in good shape. Would have been a nice link from IW to THF as well.

Anyone know what became of it?

Outdated because of the low number of pixels and it wasn't in HD.
I don't think that the modern video boards can be updated. But I don't know how much clearer they can get.
The great thing is that you can watch the clear HD scoreboard and you can also watch the game live in 3D

you can watch the clear HD scoreboard from outer space lol

or atleast the escarpment

Makes sense Jim, still surprising that it wasn't HD being only 10 odd years old. Also, would have been a fine secondary board as mentioned.

Did they donate it to U of Guelph?

10 years for electronics is a lifetime. They become obsolete very quick. Despite the fact that it wasn't HD they still could have used it as an auxiliary scoreboard or even break it up into two smaller scoreboards like they did with the old one at Ralph Wilson Stadium this summer.

The scoreboard at Guelph was new and they installed themselves a few years ago.

Still would have been better then the video boards they got outside Cops and Hamilton Place.

The cats want to build a new Digital highway sign. Ha, couldve just used the old scoreboard for that. Or… maybe that solves it whereabouts… conspiracy theory … cats-sign/

Also by the sounds of that article the highway sign is up against a lot of oppostion.

The old scoreboard is probably not hi-res enough for a modern highway sign. It could be useful however at the new Brian Timmis stadium when it is built.

Guess the MTO/province never drove down a hwy in Toronto. Ridiculous.

McMaster could use something better than what they have, the board they have looks completely outdated at least from what I say at the ex game I attended there. :?