Doesn't seem to be much interest this year.....

in the Cats, from people I talk to. Personally I am not following them after being a season ticket holder for 15 years. ( i know i know, not a real fan then. lol.) The stadium fiasco, past win record and playing in Guelph has finally turned me off, for this year anyway. I I'll probably check back with the Cats in June 2014. Anyway, enough about my choice. Just wondering if others have found a lack of interest in the team this year. Posts in this site are even a little scarce. Probably wrong place to inquire. lol. :slight_smile:

Stadium fiasco?? what "fiasco" you are disappointed that they are getting a new stadium?
Is it a surprise that they would have to find a temporary home for a year?
I am really surprised at the so called "fans" that turned their backs on the team this year. Dedicated fans that wouldn't drive the 40 minutes or so to Guelph. How many season ticket holders didn't renew this year? half?

Was there ever a more disappointing season than 2012 in Tiger-Cats' history? Could that be it, mikem?

1-17 in 2003 was crappier than last year

When the Season starts, you will be watching every minute the Cats are playing on TSN or you might even dress up in a disguise and attend some games :stuck_out_tongue:

I suspect that once the games start the TV ratings will be there and interest back up with the new coach. A few wins early will also bring a lot of people back into the fold if they have left or lost some interest. being out of town for games and off of TV for the pre season this initial lack of excitiement could be expected I guess

Hopefully the passing of another 10 years will allow me to forget as much, if not all, of the disappointment of the 2012 season as I have of the '03.

Yeah, I know exactly what you mean.

Our entire group of STH has not renewed for this year, and even at work, I would say all of my sport oriented colleagues are experiencing the same thing to varying degrees.

A common recurring theme is the lack of interest in going to Guelph that reverts to a frustrated discussion about the new stadium location.

Boy oh boy lots of negativity , now lets see the excuses/reasons why not going this year are wait for it : -----Stadium location ------hmm been a stadium at that location since like forever and we are getting a new shiny one there at little cost to the far to drive to Guelph , yep , its a whopping 40 minute drive each way , lots of us from out of town who are 50% of the revenues of the team (according to S Mitchell) are driving up to two hours each way , and always have , not big deal to us apparently. ............ If Mac and The Cats had have struck up a deal to play there this season I imagine there would have been lots of reasons why some STH within Hamilton who wouldn't go there either . -----Oh , and don't forget the $5.00 stadium/facility fee added to each ticket , that's a big reason even though lots of sports teams do it and oh , the buses are too expensive and don't stop at my front door to pick me up . Brother !!

All I can say if you do not want to go then stay home , you have that right , complaining constantly about issues that did not go the way you wanted them to, gets real old after a while , the situation may not be perfect for some, but what situation in life is , and its only for one year for heavens sake (we hope) ------------- the folks that want to go will have a grand time supporting the team we love without the ones that chose not to......... Have a geat day everyone and I personally, am very excited about driving my two hours to Guelph on Saturday for Black and Gold day -------can't wait . :smiley: :smiley:

My 2 buddies and i just cancelled our season tickets for this year after thinking what a nightmare it will be coming and going to guelph all year and the fact ,we WILL get our seats for next year anyway. The only reason we were going to buy was to save our seats,but with only 60% renewal out of 14,000,that still leaves 16,000 seats left for next year!!!! NO chance we wont get our seats.
We started calculating the costs...with the bus we would have paid $400 for 5 games!!!! thats more than we paid last year for 10 games.....We love the cats,but not that much!

You guys do realize a 40 minute drive isn't that far for a sporting event...

All kinds of people drive farther than that for leaf / raptor / jays games. People drive hours to get to Rider games and a ton of NFL teams have there stadiums on the outskirts and they still sell out.

Let's just hope the stadium is ready in time for 2014 or it could be catastrophic.

The find that the majority of people I talked to pretty much fall into four camps.

  1. Fair Weather Fans who usually come to at least 2 games a year saying they ain't going, and that it should've gone to the West Harbor (and one to Confederation Park) but they'll see in 2014.

  2. Season Ticket Holders who say they aren't going, they'll think about it with the new stadium but they are out for this season and are upset about the Tier 1/Tier 2 seating BS.

  3. Season Ticket Holders who say they'll probably catch a couple games at Guelph, but can't/don't want to do the whole season because of the travel and are a little ticked off about the Tier 1/Tier 2 seating fiasco, but either got a flex pack or are releniqushing thier Tier 1 seating and will renew in 2014 regardless.

  4. Season Ticket Holders who are making the trip and renewed regardless

In order of size, I'd say Group #3 is the largest, Group #2 in second place, Group #4 being in third place and Group #1 bringing up the rear, which I'm pretty sure can be replaced by people in Guelph.

Your so right :thup: people will find anything to complain about !!

The glass is either half full or half empty, it's all in the way you look at it !

I should also add, in Group #2 I'd say it's a mixed bag of people who didn't want to make the trip anyways but wanted an excuse not to go, ones who really just can't afford it, ones who want to drink but don't want to bus it or spend money for a hotel and people who are genuinely ticked off about the tiered seating and want to stick it to the team for at least season to teach them a lesson.

I think your 4 categories are pretty much bang on. As for their order, I could only guess, and turns out my guess is the same as your order.

But, keep in mind it’s still early. Preseason has not even started yet.The NHL playoffs are going later because of the lockout, and on top of that, we’re seeing some of the best playoff hockey in recent memory.

And the Leafs made the playoffs for the first time in 9 years, so sports fans’ attention are tuned in to the NHL more than they normally would be at this time of year.

Once the season starts with TSN’s coverage interest should pick up.

And it the Ti-Cats can start winning right off the bat, interest should be there.

First two games;
at Toronto

How would you like to be a leaf fan, now that would be depressing. :cry: :oops:

I would agree with your camps. I would fall into group 3 although I'm not particularly upset about the tier system. I promise I'll be back in the new stadium in 2014 though. This year I'll cheer on TSN. :smiley:

I totally agree with you, there are fans in Saskatchewan that drive 4 hours to come to every game, that's a true fan.

Fact is, no one is the arbiter of what is a true fan.

A true fan could also be one that demonstrates displeasure, by whatever means, for poor performance whether it be on or off the field, because he/she really cares about the performance of their team.

Personally, I don't really care about any one definition of a true fan, because I don't believe there is one such single definition. IMO, being a fan can mean many things.