Does your teams GM...

i'm a fan of the riders and this season i've been able to ask eric tillman questions in an online forum and have some of them answered by him directly(trust me if you read them you'd know it's really him).

so my question is do any of the other 7 teams GM's/coaches/players do anything like this?

p.s. i'm not trying to say the riders are better/worse for doing this, or that ET is better than the other 7 gm's. i'm just trying to find out if other teams are doing this and if so how they go about conecting with their fans. so PLEASE try and keep the stupid coments to a minimum!! 8)

Its not quite the same but Jim Popp has started writing a blog on the als website. Ive never bothered to read it so I cant really tell yo uwhats on it but I read an article about it thats how i know it exists

Ti-Cats' owner Bob Young frequently answers questions and asks for feedback in the Ti-Cats forum.

Marcel Desjardins does no such thing.

...Ted Hellard is often on answering questions and providing his opinions...he is very accessible this way....don't know about Barker and Higgins...

Marcel is Up Front with Fans As Much of Possible.
It took some time but he has grown on me.
Marcel Likes to Chat but not on
He like to do it in Person..

Well it seems Tillman is qan improvement from the Shivers years. This is not new the Stamps have done this for years.

Wally has "call block" whenever I phone him with ideas. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

If he had listened to my advice, we would be hoisting our forth Grey cup in a row this year! :wink: :wink: :wink:

Perhaps a one on one would be a postive thing

Taman has done a Q&A before and is expect to answer questions of Bomber fans this year aswell online.

Taman is also on the Bomber Radio Shows regularly enough. like 2-3 times this off-season where he answered questions as there is a good bit of call-ins on the shows.

I also here that he is on often in the morning on CJOB but alas don't listen to it in the morning. lol.