Does your team sell game-worn equipment?

This morning was the start of the annual locker-room sale for the Riders. This event is held each year. It is held in the Rider's locker room. Along with many souvenier and regular team merchandise moved in from the "Store", many game worn items including jerseys, helmets and such are offered for sale. When the doors opened at 8:00 this morning there were likely 250 fans there to try to grab a piece of the Riders. I was fortunate to get a "battle-scarred" helmet.

Do other teams hold such sales?

The Lions had one earlier this month. It was pretty packed, huge lineups and a waiting time.
I was looking for shirts and merchandise.... I have to admit I'm not interested in helmets and game worn jerseys. By the time I got there everything with the "paw print" logo had been sold. I think the Lions have a big winner with that logo.

Esks had one almost a month ago. I didn't know about it until the day after so i missed it.

The argos had one yesterday

the bombers just had theirs a couple days ago.

I am glad to hear that other teams are doing this as well. I think that fans can really feel close to their team if they are given the opportunity to have something that was actually used by the team.

Als have one each year.
Paid $300 for a Cahoon Game Worn Jersey last year and the other players (except Calvillo) were going for $250. This year though, they didn't put them all for sale though. Helmets too but don't remember the price.
I was able to pick up a Game Used ball for $35 with the new white stripe on it.

My son was there trying to find stuff too! Like you said, all the "good" stuff went quickly.