Does Whitlock get a second chance at starter?

I'm setting up my fantasy league team this week and I'm wondering if Whitlock will get a chance to prove that the jitters will be forgotten or will that be his first and last chance????

It should be his last chance. We'll see what Richie Hall does.

But why are you even considering picking him in your fantasy league? There are much better backs to choose from. Take Fred Reid from Winnipeg, or Mallett from B.C., or Jamal Robertson from Toronto, or Cobb from Hamilton.

Sorry Chief, I didn't give enough information. I have Robertson and Reynolds as my premiere RB's, I am just looking at adding one guy to the fold as insurance. I had Giles (Winn) but released him for Whotlock. Cobb is currently a free agent in our league because no-one grabbed him last week. Some guys like to take the starter and backup in case of injury. Right now I would like to keep Whitlock but I'm not sure why McCarty wouldn't get the start anyway. He always impressed me with his game. Advice???

I think Whitlock should play all game. In fact throw passes to him all game. :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

In fact, I think since its a retro game, Machocia should come out of the stands and Coach the team Thursday night! :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

Whitlock’s first start was a joke. I’m not sure if Whitlock is going to be officially named the starting RB for the game, but Hall says we should expect to see both him and McCarty carrying the ball. If Whitlock shows any signs of repeating what he did last week vs. Montreal(fumbles, dropped passes, etc.), Hall should immediately sit him and release him after the game. The season is short, and quite frankly we don’t have time to spend weeks and weeks making sure an import runningback is the real deal or making sure he is comfortable when there are litteraly tons of other import RBs to be signed or used(Fason, maybe Joe Smith, numerous NFL or college RBs that are capable of starting in the CFL). I’m hoping we see the Whitlock that we saw in pre-season tomorrow(7.something yards per carry vs. sask and BC).

Well said esks123, I mean.......Edmonton is last in 12 of the CFL's offensive catagories and a loss in this game to B.C. will be dreadfull. I expect Ray and Pierce will put up big numbers in the pass attack; However, the running game will be the main factor and I hope McCarty gets his chance to shine. Enough has been said about Whitlock.

Butterfingers Whitlock in again for you guys?! Thanks for the win, ya can't win 'em all...LET'S GO LIONS!!!!

So has anyone's opinion of this kid changed? I don't know what to make of him. He looked bad in his first two games, but yesterday he had 13 carries for 63 yards (4.8 yards/carry) and a TD. Did he drop anymore passes or mess anything else up?

When Lumsden went down, there is signs of a running back (Whitlock) that feels the pressure that is put on him. I see good things from this guy that wants to be the running back to fit into the system. The coaches see things that we as fans don't. Arkee has the moves and power that is proven to get the running game job going. I'm glad that coach Hall has stuck with him and in practice he is a player that has a good future in the CFL. I sometimes wonder why is McCarty on the bench and not out there. I truly believe he is stepping up to the plate and the progress is: He wants to suppress beyond what he is capable of. For what I see, however slow is keep working on the ground game and sooner rather than later this Eskimo team will create problems for other teams. The O line, no doubt could be thinking: make the holes for him and yea, Rick Ray's offeence will be a beast to recon with. The passing game will take care of it's self.

Whitlock had some trouble getting things going in the first quarter, with something like only 10 yards on 3 carries to start the game, but going once the second half started. Didn't drop any passes and has been showing steady improvement ever since his first start. McCarty was more productive when he got the chance to run the ball(and I prefer his pass blocking over Whitlock's), but the coaching staff believes that he is very important on special teams. I don't mind the tandem(as long as Whitlock continues to improve), as it keeps both running back fresh. But I would still like to see the playing time lean more in favour of McCarty(Saturday's game was about 60/40 for Whitlock). I loved the decision to hand the ball off to Bertrand in short yardage for one play, by the way!

Its hard to understand Edmontons reluctance to put the ball in McCarthy’s hands. He looks much better than Witlock when he is in the game.

The ostensible reason is that McCarty plays on special teams so the coaches want to keep him fresh. IMO it's a very dumb decision when McCarty has been clearly the superior back through four weeks of play. What's more important, one man on special teams or your goddamn starting tailback? No wonder Edmonton has no run game. Apparently it's less of a priority than one blocking or coverage assignment on the teams.

I read the same and I was a bit perplexed by it as well. I’ll give props to Whitlock in that he ran better in the second half against the Roughriders but McCarthy's overall game looks much better to me.
As an Al’s fan I hope the EE staff keep to the same scheme and have Whitlock get most of the work for at least one more week. :lol: The Eskimos are the team I cheer for in the west so I hope they resolve this quickly.