Does TSN own the rights to broadcast all CFL games?

Heard this on another forum. Anyone know if this is true? Could explain that TSN may not have wanted to sell any games to Sportsnet, just to CBC?

The CBC is the CFL 's nation wide T.V. station, with more access to more T.V.'s in people's homes , than Sportsnet has.

TSN and CBC have a partnership of sorts, and they have contracts.

Maybe it is because of contract obl.

i emailed a similar question to sportsnet...they said they couldnt fit CFL in with thier bluejay schedule.....and we know they own the jays, so obviously thats thier 1st priority.

thanks…that makes sense. :smiley:

I sent them and e-mail and they just gave me a one sentence response:
"We have other broadcasting arrangements"
Thats all.

maybe you didnt send them a polite email???

I did tell them that I'd rather watch 1 cfl game than a marathon of their news show (the amount that they replay it. it almost is a marathon), 500 Jays games or an entire tournament of poker.
Is that polite enough?

Duke and Stephan was talking about this on the Gades postgame show… on the Team1200

They advise that TSN owns Friday Night Football, CBC owns Saturday Night Football. Sportsnet owns neither.

Becuase both Gades/Ti-Cats and Stamps/Bobers started at 19:00 hrs CBC did not want any broadcast competition. Last year, Sportsnet picked up the odd game…

So I guess its CBC who didn’t want anyone watching the Gades/Ti-Cats… Perhaps we could have had a Sunday game… but wait, we are paying at home on Thursday… Who is scheduling these games?

TSN just seems like they do....