Does TSN hate Hamilton?

Once again the Hamilton game is not being broadcast on the primary TSN channel, instead they are showing USA vs Vietnam soccer (!!!). What a proud Canadian broadcaster we have. They also didn’t show a game for golf and I cannot remember the third thing they showed instead of the game. It seems to me that each time they knock a CFL game out it is a Hamilton game.

And yes I know I can pay hard earned cash to get garbage TSN other channels which I never watch, but instead I have decided to boycott CFL instead. I have been watching the CFL, all games, for 40 years, this year is the first time I have stopped watching, just sick of the money grabbing greed of a two bit station. I sincerely hope SN takes over the CFL. So I have watched a grand total of 5 games this year, three Hamilton and two others.

I am sure TSN will continue to complain that ratings are down.

ok, rant over


be prepare to see not alot of games on the main channel because with with Women World Cup starts tomorrow.

There is no main TSN channel. The southern Ontario TSN is TSN 4. And that is where the game is.

TSN 2 is national but more of a secondary channel.


Thanks, Crash. I did not know the channels were based on region. I only get TSN 4 and it shows about 30% of all the CFL games scheduled.


There is a main TSN channel, it is just different for each region, for BC it is TSN1 is the main, CFL is on TSN3/4/5.

As for TSN broadcast, well there is a free streaming site that shows all sport channels in the world. I tried using TSN live feed, kept on kicking me back to SHAW asking me to log in over and over, never have any trouble with SHAW except for this case, gee really surprised TSN’s website doesn’t work.

The point is there is a “primary” TSN channel as you state, but it’s for each region.

The Toronto/Hamilton game is on the primary channel for Toronto and Hamilton. TSN4.

I’m not sure how it is with other providers but with Bell they give you TSN 1, 3, 4, and 5 together in a package. If you want TSN 2 then you pay an extra 5 or 6 bucks for that channel.

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In Alberta, Telus gives you all 5 as part of the sports package. No option to get, say, TSN1 only.

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But did you enjoy the soccer game?

Yes. Everyone hates Hamilton. You should know this.




I’ve watched this channel for years and didn’t know that!!!

Hey…that’s cool…where can I get one???

Shaw BC gives you 1 TSN (TSN1) and then you pay another $10ish for the others.

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Funny guy! :grinning: I watch Sports Net just about every day, (Jays and hockey), I watch TSN never (except for CFL and I guess that is done now too). Will watch the stream tomorrow; watching a stream is legal in Canada, providing the content or downloading it to the computer is illegal, but just watching is ok.

I think Shaw here might be the same. I remember my grandma saying she couldn’t watch curling or something one time because she didn’t have all the TSN channels.

I always thought there was a “national” channel, and then the 4 regional/backup/other sports channels.
In essence, TSN1 would be the National channel, with all the premier content (CFL, NFL, NBA, NHL, tennis, curling) with the other channels picking-up the “other” stuff (MLS, aquatics, skiing, equestrian, European/Australian sports, etc).

One would think that the “regional” channels would cover “regional” events - but no. The only thing “regional” on TSN2 that I can recall is OHL and Ontario AHL team coverage…

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TSN 2 is essentially the overflow channel and doesnt get their main stuff (Golf majors, CFL, Curling) but it gets things like the NBA (non-raptors). You’ll never see something on TSN 2 and another TSN channel.

TSN 1/3/4/5 is sometimes the same content, but they also use it to just show multiple things based on what works regionally (Ticats on TSN4) and golf on the others.


I get all the TSN channels with Shaw’s Total TV package

short answer, yes. Unless your in Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, BC, Edmonton, Winipeg, Sask, or Calgary, then Yes

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