Does TSN Give The CFL Enough Respect?

I don't know.
No pregame shows on Sunday.
Gotta have the NFL pregame show ya know.
But last night pregame show last night for one of the biggest games of the year.
Instead they show Thats Hockey.

Just wondering.
If Toronto had an NFL team.
And TSN had the rights.
Do you think they would have shown Thats Hockey right before the Toronto NFL team game?

I would bet you a million dollars they would do a Toronto NFL pregame show.
To me that shows a total lack of respect for the CFL by TSN.
The Toronto Sports Network

…I have to agree…It’s tough for us to get into the deserved spotlight when we have ‘americas favourite past-time’ being pushed to the hilt and the nfl and nhl pregame baloney going on…Shows where their priority lies… I get the feeling that our games seem like just a throw-in to them… …That should really come-up in the next contract talks we have with tsn… :roll:

Sarcasm? I assume so from the eye roll, but I just wanted to clarify.

I agree 100% with you Papalooza.
The CFL is treated like something that is outside of the "four major north American sports".
Its considered the fifth sport.
Even though its the number 1A sport in Canada.

So as the fifth sport, it gets fifth rate treatment.
No pregame show ruined that game for me last night.
It made it seem like a second rate event.

Seems like TSN is afraid to hype the CFL too much.
Like the way they hype the NHL.
Cripes, baseball gets more coverage then the CFL on Sportsdesk.
That is the ultimate insult

Even ''off the record'' seems to have nothing but hockey players this year for guests.

when they have a pregame show they spend the entirety of the show talking about teams that aren't playing in the current game anyway (seriously, one day they spent an EDM/WPG pre-game show talking about Calgary and they spent one before a game between Saskatchewan and I think BC talking about Odell Willis).

baseball got more coverage? maybe because IT'S THE PLAYOFFS?

I watch the games for the games, not for the pre-game show. they have a yearly top-50 players feature, they have a game ball thing every week, they give it plenty of coverage on sportscentre.. it's fine.

People forget what a crap job CBC did! TSN was the only network to do ALL THE GAMES! They didnt have too,but they stepped up! They're a private company and can do what they want. The NFL is huge business and the CFL isn't even in the same universe in that compairison. I will watch a CFL game over a NFL game any day, but reality is NFL is where the money and is ! Plus a pre game game show for one game ,only needs 15 minutes!

People forget that TSN also did a crap job at one time (don't make me post clips of Marty York on TSN's CFL broadcasts). They also had the rights to broadcast all of the games under the previous contract but sold a bunch of those games to CBC. And who cares if games are broadcast on more than one network as long as they are all broadcast. As far as I'm concerned it isn't "stepping up" when you get a sweetheart deal without a bidding process involving other networks who also wanted to broadcast games.

TSN does a good job now but they still have a lot of room for improvement - like having pre-game and post-game shows. I hate when there is 10-20 minutes left in the time scheduled for a game and they go straight to SportsDesk instead of a post-game show.

If american network execs saw what TSN and CTV are doing the CFL they'd be laughing so hard.

This is the network exec from the states thought "So let me get this straight, the Grey Cup on your cable network gets you higher ratings than the Super Bowl on your broadcast network? Are you insane why are you still showing the Grey Cup on your cable network? The amount of households will go way up that can tune in to your higher rated show. (Shakes head)...(walks away, far far away from any CTV network channel or TSN forever)

As far as I'm concerned, the only REAL disrespect that TSN shows to the CFL is their continued used of Rod Black. :thdn:



Does TSN give the CFL enough respect? Yes.

TSN doesn’t exist, no CFL right now IMHO. Agree Thryillin.

Enough said.

Of course Grey Cup lives on, CFL or no CFL. But that is a different story. :wink:

Here is what the media in this country thinks.
There are 4 major sports.
Baseball, hockey, NFL, NBA.
They don't consider the CFL a major sport.
So it doesn't get major league type respect from TSN.
Even though in Canada its 1A in popularity.
Its the idiots in charge who don't want to give the CFL the respect it deserves.
Like why should baseball get more cvoerage then CFL on TSN?
When the CFL gets three times the viewers?
Its because they think baseball is major league.
While the CFL isn't.
And that is something Cohon has to address next TV deal

bigger leagues likely have that kind of stuff built into the contract, and if not TSN has to do it to keep up pace with rivals. There is minimal competition for the CFL really, so they can be more lax in that aspect. While the viewership numbers are huge draws for TSN/CFL on a per game basis they still get more from other leagues in the long-haul.meaning more money overall...meaning more money put into them.

I would love to see more pregame stuff, and feel it has progressed, but I also remember the pre-TSN era and the sub-par coverage issues and am grateful for what TSN has accomplished. TSN has been a great partner to the league and while there is always room to improve I feel the the CFL's resurgence owes a dept of gratitude to TSN, who, IMO, was a major factor in that. They have provided a professional feel for the broadcasts (production anyways...sometimes the talent leaves something to be desired), camera upgrades, offered their footage to the league to use as reviews, pushed to get rid of blackouts, do an amazing Grey Cup day, provide games on Classic channel, provide a game replay late night, brought in Wendy's as a good sponsor (along with others who were more interested in doing business with them than CBC).

Yeah, there could be tweaking, but thank-you TSN for all that you have done. If there is a bid that slightly outdoes TSN in the near future I hope the CFL takes all of this into consideration. This has been a great partnership for both sides.

I don't agree.
Only sport that might do bigger overall then the CFL is the NHL.
And thats the NHL Canadian teams.
TSN has done a good job, but they won't do anymore then what they're doing.
There's no pregame show again tonight.
No pumping of the game.
And on the TSN main page the there is no story on the game tonight.
The main headline is about some American football owner dying.
You people may think we should all be so thankful TSN is showing the CFL.
I say it should be the other way around.
And if the don't want to go the extra mile for the league, Cohon should ask why

Does TSN give the CFL respect? Of course.
Does TSN give the CFL enough respect? Debatable.

Considering the CFL is one of THE premiere sport properties in this country, TSN could and should be doing a better job. The problem, IMO is the previous CFL regime had no clue how to properly negotiate a deal. I'm a lot more confident the Cohon, when time comes will do a far better job. The CFL had no clue what their product was worth and as a result got fleeced in negotiations. Things like pre-game shows, weekly shows, post game shows, etc. should be mandated in the next deal like a lot of leagues do.

Having said all that, TSN has done a good job and I do think you/we should recognize that they do give the CFL a very prominent place on their network. They almost always lead with CFL games on tv or online, they have a lot of exclusive online stories about the cfl, they recently (last year, Dave Naylor) got a football insider, etc. They're doing a good job, but it could be even better.

i am fairly confident that a company the size of TSN has a statistical analysis or 2 on payroll, and they are going to say where the money is, and what their market share is, and how advertising and programming will help their bottom line. TSN is the one paying to show games, not the other way around, and while it is a partnership TSN is still the customer and will do what helps their viewership increase the most first and worry about various leagues finances second. Yes, they want to see people thrive when they provide coverage, but their bottom line comes first.

:thup: :thup: Especially on the Naylor part...a prime example of how TSN is continually improving its coverage. When did they take over fully from CBC...2008? 4 years ago? the deal was 16 mil over 5 years, a number that will surely be going up after next season. 4 years in...I would say that the improvement is night and day, and still getting better. Also, the waters have now been tested. TSN and the CFL know what this great league is capable of pulling in for viewership...they can better evaluate how to put on coverage in that contract. I believe CBC's opening bid was 9mil, and got as high as 12...16mil shows that TSN wants to be in this for the long haul.

OH...and lets not forget the TSN shows every game...something CBC could not provide in 55 years of coverage.

We don't have Tom Wright this time getting his pocket picked by TSN.
Cohon comes across as a nice guy, but he is driven.
And I'm sure he'll squeeze as much as he can from TSN or CBC or both in the next TV deal.
One thing we have to do is change the mindset of the people running the sports media in this country.
When you hear guys like Steve Simmons always droning on about the "four major north American sports",
of course the CFL not being one of them, it marginalizes the league