Does TSN Care About the CFL?

You look at TSN's TV schedule for this week, and on Saturday night they have Hamilton in Calgary. Unfortunately, this game is going head to head against HNIC.

You have a wide open schedule on Sunday afternoon and evening. But instead they put the game where it'll probably get half the number of viewers it could have anywhere else. I know I'll be watching the Leafs mainly. And so will millions of others.

Makes you wonder how much TSN cares about the CFL? Where they would stick it in TV's no mans land. And they not dare not show the CFL game on Sunday night. We can't interfere with the NFL, can we. Even though the CFL game would get bigger numbers

Which is why in the next TV contract the CFL has to get at least two carriers. With the other carrier, CBC, showing a Sunday night game. Because going head to head with HNIC on a Saturday night, the top sports show in Canada, is totally idiotic.

alrighty then...

Thanks for sharing. Again.

Typical stupidity from Berezin... He has no problem with the CFL going up against the NFL, but going up against the NHL, well apparently that's a no-no. :roll:

Maybe you haven't noticed, Berezin, but TSN has been showing CFL games on Saturday night all season. July 18, Aug 1, Aug 8, Aug 16, Aug 29, Sept 19, Sept 26. All those days had an evening game. This is nothing new. Should TSN suddenly change its schedule just because hockey is on? Newsflash! CBC is TSN's competitor, and on Saturday night the CBC will be playing hockey, its best product. So how will TSN compete with them? By showing its own top product, the CFL! Duh!

As far as TSN showing CFL games on Sunday night, they can't! They're under contract to show Sunday Night Football, and they've been under contract for a few years now... longer than they've had the exclusive rights to the CFL.

Honest to God... I defy you to make one positive topic about the CFL.

I know I'll be watching the Leafs mainly.

Go for it berezin, the Leafs are all yours my friend. What's this, 80 games they play and this is right near the beginning during football season, CFL, NFL, CIS, hey, whatever toots your horn big guy. Hey I love hockey but I need to change my head strategy from football which requires some thinking to "shoots, passes, scores, dust up in front of net, fight, another fight..." and I usually do that once the Grey Cup and Super Bowl are over.

CBC 's coverage was a joke. TSN does every game, what more do you want ? You will never please everybody, so suck it up and watch the CFL game. There are 82 maple laugh games, if one conflicts,watch the Football game , easy decision. The CFL season ends in NOV. the NHL is still in the early stages of the season,it's not like it's the NHL playoffs. True CFL fans will watch !

berezin likes the CFL and is frustrated London isn't on the CFL radar which is sort of an ouch for some Londonders who think they are better than whatever (I'm from London but, well, I live in a CFL city now, thank goodness!). Fact is London has the Knights and Mustangs and actually that is super, be happy berezin you have these great Canadian teams. But London is a long way off from being on the CFL radar I'm afraid, maybe a step up from a city like Kingston. :wink:

Well I sure as heck will not be watching the Leafs but will be watching the Tabbies tear apart the Stamps.

The one carrier we have is doing an exemplary job. You're going to watch the Leafs instead of the CFL - your problem - not TSN's.

You know, it's funny, he's always going on and on about how the CFL is so mistreated, blah blah blah, and then he openly admits that he's going to watch the Leafs game over the CFL game. I think the real question is does Berezin care about the CFL?

I'm like you. I generally don't get into the hockey season until after football season. I usually just follow the Oilers in the standings.

The leaves don't fall from trees until late October....don't they?

Non issue. TSN has been a great supporter of the league.....Give it back to CBC to bring back Marble Mouth Walby????? No thanks.

Exactly Chief on both fronts, berezin actually really wanting to see who does get the honour of the football champs of Canada, not sure he's really into it, and also hockey, I love it and watch it and follow it but not too intensely until all football season is over, well Pro Bowl doesn't count have to admit. One thing I'll say for hockey is now that we have surround sound and a plasma, hockey does come across very well on TV with the puck and blades and sticks sounds and that. The games themselves usually aren't as interesting but it's sort of like an action flick with 0 plot, that's more hockey compared with football, but for the chess match with even more hitting and contact without the "action flick" aspect, that's football personified. But you know what, sometimes I really do love watching hockey, just usually way more after football season is over, that's all.

Damn! :o Stanley Cup party at Earl's place! :lol:

Hey my brother lives near Masonville Mall (Place) near Fanshawe Road in London, he's got more money than me, lots more, but he's cheap, I have a bigger TV and sound system than he does! :rockin:

I have a buddy who lives in that area... or did, anyway. I don't know if he still does. I haven't talk to him much since my first year of high school, which was... More years than I wanna count. :lol: His last name is Beamish.

The folks have a 60" plasma with surround sound. I should just watch more sports with them. :lol: Of course, neither of them is a big sports fan, so it's not always easy getting them to watch sports... though last year I did watch the Super Bowl with the ma, and she had a good time, so who knows, maybe I can talk her into watching it again this year. I'll just bribe her with all kinds of snacking foods like I ddi last time. :lol:

Last year while in London I almost ran over Dale Hunter in a parking lot in the Mandarin on Wellington Road, we were taking my Mom out for lunch. Man, did he give me a look or what but he crossed right in front of me like excuse me, I'm Mark Hunter, you don't want to go there. He's good for the Knights though and junior hockey, my brother was the official score keeper for the Knights for a few years and while Mark was intense, he cared about the kids big time. And that's important. Man I wish this stupid city of Hamilton had a junior team, heck the Knights are worth just as much if not more than the TiCats I bet, not that that is all that important but man, if Hamilton did what London did and build a perfect junior arena, well, who knows eh? Hamilton is so stupid they built an NHL type arena with no team and let Ivor Wynne Stadium, the stadium that had a team, deteriorate to the point where now, if it weren't for someone like Bob Young, the TiCats wouln't only be worth much less than a junior hockey team like the Knights but probably wouldn't even exist. What a city this one is this Hamilton, they better pull out all the stops with Balsillie to get an NHL team or else I can really call this city council the dumbest people on the planet. Thanks for destroying junior hockey you goofs here in Hamilton. This city doesn't deserve a great junior franchise like the Knights and they don't deserve the Ticats also and they aren't getting the Grey Cup any time soon because of, you guessed it, their own stupidity.


…yet in a thread you created last week titled something along the lines of ‘Sunday games suck’:

…so which one is it? Good to go for Sunday or not?..

for someone who is so upset over TSN’s treatment of the CFL, you screw yourself by rather watching some stupid Leafs game at the BEGINNING of the season… than a CFL game.

go then, don’t be a supporter of the CFL if you’re gonna watch some unimportant Leafs game.

:lol: :lol: :lol: Busted! :lol: :lol: :lol:

if we are talkin strickly numbers, cfl is already gettin better numbers then some playoff games and rounds got last year in hockey. does n e one care about the leafs n e more? i know where i will be… watchin the stamps roll over hamilton…

Watching the Stamps roll over in the poo. :wink: Henry will once again show he's up one week, down another, up again...

cant you just let me dream until they get beat?