Does Tristen Jackson still play defense

I watch every CFL game available in the States. And have not seen E. Eskimos play and t.jack does not appear on the defensive stats. Just wondering does he still play defense.

ummmmmmmmmmmm our premiere return man on defence?? ya sounds like a stupid idea :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

He hasn't played defence this year, but he is listed as our backup cornerback and started their about 2-3 games last season.

Good answer :thdn:

Stupid? Check some of the names in the punt return records.
Henry Williams, Paul Bennett, Mike Clemons, Keith Stokes, Larry Crawford, Will Lewis, Rufus Crawford, Larry Highbaugh, Earl Winfield. These guys all played positions on either offence or defence.

But I guess they were "stupid."

Gizmo Williams played about 27 plays as a receiver in his career. Mostly because someone got hurt.

Keith Stokes never was a starter at a position either.

Larry Highbaugh - did he return kicks?

Individual stats on retired players are hard to find, but:
Larry Highbaugh returned a punt 116 yards; the third longest in CFL history (regular season.) That's the only reference to him in the returns records, but I was quite clear that that was what I was going by.

Gizmo Williams caught 21 touchdown passes in his career. If he did that in 27 plays, WHOOO-BOY!!

Keith Stokes played both slotback and running back. He caught 58 passes for 832 yards and three touchdowns with Winnipeg in 2005.

I never said any of these guys started; I said they played positions on either offence or defence.


We also use Jason Goss for returns occasionally. So davedude, you might want to think twice before typing. :wink:

whoops. I mean *there.

The Riders all time leader in punt return yardage (Corey Holmes) played slotback and halfback, as he did with Hamilton as well. He was never listed as a starter for those positions, but he rotated in and played a lot of downs.

I think if you check, you'll find that almost every player who is a special teams specialist is listed at a position different from what they are known for. There is - to the best of my limited knowledge - no official position called "punt returner." Heck, even the long-snappers usually get listed as SB's or backup OL's.

Tristen Jackson rocks! He helped win the big game on Friday, key player. I'm a fan. :rockin:

Yes, but these guys actually PLAYED other positions. They weren't just listed as a "receiver" who then played only on special teams. Some of them, like Gizmo, will always be remembered for their kick returns, but to say he never played receiver is ridiculous.
Remember, I wasn't going by what position they were "listed" as on the roster. I was going by stats, which is difficult since stats for retired players are damn near impossible to find.

Here are the stats for Gizmo.

[url=] ... sHenry.htm[/url]

Note that as a receiver he scored 21 touchdowns and had one rushing TD.