Does this look familiar?

Bonswar tuot le monde!

I found this looking for some great college football plays:

I gotta admit, it looks like the dynamo that is named AC (not Anthony Calvillo) that may well get 1000 yards in deuces this season. I wonder if he still wears the Superman t-shirt under his lark uniform?

Perfect example of making the most out of your oppertunity. Cobourne and Calvillo has been our best players this season.

Everyone wanted Cobourne gone, because they didn't like his stats when he had about 7 yards on 2 carries, but now everyone is wondering why they don't sell his jersey.

I will admit, I am on his bandwaggon. He came out of nowhere, I thought we were doomed when we let Payton go, but now, our Running Back is on the verge of making history, being the only player to get 1,000 yards receiving and 1,000 yards rushing.

Cobourne is #2 in rushing in the league, with half the amount of carries that Cates and Reynolds have. Calgary and Saskatchewan has the most balanced play calling offensively, calling pass and run plays. Montreal is about what, 90% pass? Imagine where he'd be if he averaged 20 carries per game rather than 10 or less. He's #2 in receptions, and is a running back. Truly remarkable.

If the league we're to give the MVP award today, I'd honestly be shocked if they gave it to Wes Cates, who don't get me wrong, is having a great season with the Riders, but I think Cobourne has been way more valuabe for us, than Cates has been for the Riders.

I wouldn't be shcoked. MVP voting, like CFL officiating, is stacked in favour of the west.

At this point there are only two players who can be considered and that's Calvillo and Cobourn.

Still in the running

Ricky Ray
Wes Cates
Joffrey Reynolds
Henry Burris

And Dahrran Diedrick is mentioned on the same video clip. There are areas on the team where the Als have got great depth. Credit Popp.