Does this kill a new stadium in Regina?

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...spending $14M on upgrades, does this kill the new stadium plans in the near future?

Doesn't look like it if in fact this means a new stadium and not the $14 mill for the facelift: :?

Construction of the new stadium is scheduled to begin in 2013, with completion in 2016.

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Yeah, or at least puts it on hold for a while. I doubt they sink in 14 million to a facility, just to knock it down a few years later. They’ll probably just unveil a large scale plan to totally renovate Taylor field in the future. 14 million isn’t going to get too much accomplished for the long term.

It's a legacy project. The additions are to be disassembled at the completion of the new stadium and sent throughout the province to improve amateur sports infrastructure. That was mentioned in some articles. This is just a stop-gap measure to keep up with the league in the short term and to make improvements for the Grey Cup.

How much did Tempire cost for one year? Something in the area of 14 mill no?

I found this video which explains well what's going on.

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Thanks geroy for the video, cool. :thup:

...very cool stuff, that video explains way more than the article does....this is exciting times

The goal was to start construction on a new stadium in 2013, but that will never happen. How can they seriously discuss a date on starting a new stadium when they still don't know if it will be an indoor stadium or an outdoor stadium or if it will cost $250 million or $650 million. They don't even know where the funding is coming from. The main politician pushing the stadium (the Mayor) is not running for re-election so the whole project is pretty much dead for right now. Spending $14 million right now gets them through the Grey Cup plus a few more seasons to get their ducks in order on a new stadium. They will be lucky to get a new stadium started before 2017, so this will help them out in the meantime.

I guess you know more than CTV, whatever. :?

I’m temped to use the term “lipstick on a pig” when I think of Taylor Field and upgrades, but that would be unfair since I’ve never actually been there. Instead I’ll say the opposite, which surprises even me, that I actually like their proposed reno’s for the old place. It looks like a solid plan and specifically mentions the “bowl”, which will surely give the field new intimacy even with 1000s more people packed in there. They even have a plan to dismantle it. :smiley:

The beauty is it gives them the time to get the new stadium more right rather than rushing into something too soon if they aren't ready with the proper funding formula and design. Money well spent. Good work Saskatchewan I say.

Sort of like Vancouver, best thing they did was keep the marshmellow top on for the Olympics and not rush it. Now they have what really seems one awesome stadium.

Let's face it $14M sounds like a lot but anyone who has worked construction will show you that gets eaten up fast. It doesnt go as far as u would think. It's smart economics. Team made $7 or $11M last year. Team is so popular that for walk ups all u can get is single seating. Now I have a much better chance to actually take my boys to the games.

Team will now have two jumbotrons to move into the new stadium. Just got an extra one in advance (LED?).

So they cash in in 2012 and 2013 to 2015, makes sense to me. New stadium in 2016 or 2017.

As for comments from WVCFLFAN, he doesn't have a clue on what is happening in the city. Our mayor is not running again, if he did he'd win by a landslide yet again (89% approval last election). So far of the Three candidates to date only one, an existing long term counsellor, has a chance to win. He is fully behind a new stadium AND he is the president of the Construction Association of Saskatchewan. Gee I wonder if he doesn't really want this to happen. He is also on a number of Boards for various organizations around Regina. He is strictly pro business and has the contacts to get the business community involved and those discussions are happening as we speak. Our existing mayor has fully endorsed I'm as we'll with his vote already.

If u want to prove to citizens of this community based province that you are part of it I can't imagine a better way then to support the Roughriders by contributing to the stadium. Oil companies, massive Potash companies, Uranium, Diamond, Steel and Gold companies all are here. Not to mention Agriculture. Getting them involved won't be a problem. Most hockey arenas in every major city here are already named after companies investing here.

I hope they set the bar high for the new stadium. It will be built and it won't be rushed, people here like to over analysis stuff. I'm glad once again the Rider consider giving back to the communities by donating the bleachers once they are done with them. It's hard not to take pride in a province with that attitude. :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

Bingo Starbuck. I am envious. Please send some of that pride package to Hamilton, this not so tight community needs all it can get. :?

They won’t recoup that money but if it allows more fans to attend games and host a Grey Cup, it is well worth it.

I know a lot more than you think I do. As a Rider fan, I read the Leader-Post everyday to stay up on Rider news. I also read the comment pages every time they discuss the new stadium. Not all of the citizens of Regina are in favor of a new stadium and most don't want their taxes raised. I have read all about the constant struggles of your Mayor (which I think is a pretty good forward thinking Mayor) in trying to pull this thing together. If this was a slam dunk deal, then it would be done by now. There are a lot of companies in Regina, but companies buy luxury boxes, season tickets and advertising, they don't spend money building stadiums. Regina has to go to the capital markets for funding and that is not an easy proposition these days. It is not easy for a little town like Regina to pool together hundreds of millions of dollars for a football stadium. Investors want guarantees of future tax dollars and tend to look at the overall tax base and other potential future infrastructure projects. They have no interest in funding a potential bankruptcy. I think this retrofit is a smart idea to bring in more revenue until the capital markets calm down. Go Riders.

What one must realize is that in construction 14 million is nothing.... I have seen projects for 30 million that is litterally just a single overpass for double lane traffic... By the looks of it the new jumbotron would move to the new stadium... So you just cut your cost 15% right there.

Every city for any league have people who don't want stadiums or arenas built with any public funds if there is a hint of risk. That isn't new. The trick is to find the best funding model that will work for a particular city and team, mix of public and private unless a totally private thing can happen for a team that is a goldmine like the Leafs which is a case that is not the norm.

Well the mistake was to peddle a 400 million dollar project that would likely have come in at much higher than that. The reno in BC was 550 million. If the project was similar to Winnipeg, maybe slightly larger and around 225 million it would have been an easyer sale.

.....Still a lot of issues before the 'new' stadium is built....They say it will be up and running by 2016?????I like the fact the CFL is upgrading in the facility dept. BUT I've heard this song before...IF they're not going to be realistic with the 'type' of venue they would like and the wrangling continues, I think 2016 is a stretch...Good luck though...I hope it happens :thup:

Well Winnipeg made the decision in 2010 and will be playing in their new stadium in 2012. Why could they not do it in twice the time ? As long as they aren't looking for federal money to build their stadium. Its quite doable.