Does this happen anywhere else.

Every year our cheerleaders in Calgary go down for the return Labour Day matchup, and
every year they are booed and insulted the
whole game.

Like who does this to cheerleaders????, Stampeder fans who do the same thing to the Edmonton Cheer Squad on Labour Day.....maybe not so much the girls, but the male cheerleaders are slagged pretty much all quarter when they are in front of our Section (C).....but the girls are generally, maybe EE fans @ CW don't like girls?.....

Im not sure if the Bomber cheerleaders get booed by Rider fans, personally Ive never seen them get jeered, but someone else might be a better judge of that than I am, I havent been to a Labour Day been for a couple of seasons now.

well i think we BOO the players but not the cheerleaders :wink: the cheerleaders dont play the game :wink:

Uhhh...try the weekend before at the Stamps home game. The Esks cheer leaders were booed and heckled.

.....just the boys......

There were some pretty good looking stamps cheerleaders at commonwealth! I didn't boo them, and was disappointed some people did.

.....likewise here, the ladies of your cheer squad are exceptionally cute and bendable.....'s to Alberta Dairy and Meat Products and the lasses that ingest them!!!.....

I wanted to commend the Calgary cheerleaders for their class. Whenever a player was injured, the entire squad took a knee until the player got up. It didn't matter if it was a Stampeder or an Eskimo, either.

Very classy. Our (Esks) cheerleaders never do that. I think it's about time they did.


As far as compliments to women go??.....This one absolutely takes the cake! :lol:

I boo'd the male cheerleaders.

well, the ticat cheerleaders were at toronto today, and noone can boo, cuz if anything they show how crappy the toronto cheerleaders are.

Hey whatever happened to the cheerleader pictures that got posted every week last year?

Third, was it you that always found a picture of the week to share?